America just got whiplash from having to take a double take.  The incident involving teenagers from Covington High School, Nathan Phillips, and four Black Hebrew Israelites put the country in a tizzy and put teenagers and their families at risk.  They have received death threats and calls for violence have escalated against them.  Literal adults have taken actions against teenagers that in reality did no wrong.

Let us consider for a second the scenario a bit differently.  Let us pretend that the boys were acting in a bigoted way and that they were being racist in their actions toward Phillips.  The reaction still should be differently.  The left would have more of a leg to stand on in their litigation that our culture is being watered down and dragged through the mud because of the actions of our current president.  They would have more of a case to say that we need to change the way we speak and treat others because teenagers should not be behaving in that manner toward a native american adult.  That being said the reaction and response should still be different.  Why call for violence?  Why call for shame to be upon them and forgiveness to be far from them?  Why not reach out to them, teach them, and encourage them?

I also wish to issue a warning to those on the left for the way they have overreacted and the potential implications that their words and actions have.  I also must wonder why the left have not spoken out vigorously against the four black men that were there and the homophobic and racist utterances that left their lips?  The left are supposed to be the defenders of those that can’t defend themselves.  Why not step up and help these men?  Condemn their words and speak out against them if you are who you truly say you are.

In America there is a growing trend of outrage.  People are seeking to become outraged and treating it as a new high.  When one seeks to become outraged they are going to find it.  It is inevitable.  Rage of course takes over our being and our mind is swallowed up in it.  I believe that the main reason for why there are those seeking this outrage is to be able to give their beliefs and ideology  legitimacy.  If they can find the actions of those they oppose reprehensible then that gives strength to their moral and political argument.  This is a very dangerous tactic and causes far more harm than good.

The right is to blame as well for fake and feigned outrage.  There are many that post fake news to their social media and there are those in government positions that spew lies and invoke hatred.  I call for all to do better and for both sides to think before leaping and to collaborate before raging.  America would be such a better functioning place.