Alright, I am dreading the fact that I am writing this article and bringing light to another one that I read this morning because it only intensifies the poor state of the news that we have in our country.  There is the potential daily for thousands of articles that are considered “news” to be shared across the nation and so there are definitely going to be some duds in there, but on the front page of a popular website I found a real dud.  I wouldn’t have minded it as much if it had been written and tucked away in some corner of the Internet, but this was in plain site for all the world to see.  Drake, famous musician and rapper, recently unfollowed Ninja, a famous video game and most notably known for streaming his gaming experience, on Instagram.  Shocked yet?

We are so obsessed with celebrity culture as a society and this is what comes as a result of it.  Who cares!  I just wanted to point out that fact and, for it is more formidable then an opinion and express my disdain for what we consider news.  If anything this needs to be in the entertainment section of the news and way down on that list even.  I won’t even stoop so low to tell you why he unfollowed him, but maybe your intense curiosity will take you to actually find out on your own accord.  I pray not.  That is all I’m going to write.  This was a vent if anything.  Have a good day.