One of New York’s Gubernatorial candidates, Cynthia Nixon, gave a fiery speech yesterday and one of her main points was that of abortion.  Now when I say fiery I would want you to imagine the secular version of hell where there is fire and damnation because the comments that Nixon made were damning, in that they do not help us advance as a people, culture, or nation.  There is fear and panic in the hearts of those that support the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade and that it will be overturned if Trump is able to make the Court majorly conservative.  I don’t think that is an actually reality, but political parties like to rally fear in their voters so that they will keep them in power.

Nixon went on to outline the damaging effects of making abortion illegal.  While holding a coat hangar in her hand, for dramatic effect of course, she spoke about how women would go back to practicing self-administered abortions.  I agree that is wrong and very dangerous.  She then said on that matter, “We must never, ever, ever, go back to a time when any woman feels she has to make this kind of a choice…and this is why we must fight.”  So the fight is on.  Let’s consider this though and look at another “choice.”  How about the choice to not get pregnant and to participate in sex irresponsibly?  How about taking the choice away from potential life and even life itself?  How about actually taking responsibility instead of putting the blame on other people?

We cannot make something that is morally wrong legal just because women and men want to have sex and are not smart or safe when they decide to do so.  Be responsible!  Making abortion illegal takes that accountability away.  Life is about choices and consequences and you cannot just abort the consequences of your poor choices.  If you decide to have sex then you have to be prepared to accept that you might make a baby and that baby is now your responsibility.  How sick have we become as a nation that we snuff out human life because it “doesn’t fit into our personal agenda in life.”  The depravity is sickening to me and the act purely selfish.

Now I am all about talking about sex education and improving that for our children and teenagers, though it should if possible be done in the home with mature parents.  We need to be all about prevention and not about having to take action afterwards.  The left is looking at it all wrong and since they are looking in the wrong direction they will never be able to see the right solutions that are so close and so near.  They are too busy staring off into the dark.  They can use these dramatic effects all they want and stir up fear in the hearts of women and men, but they are getting no bit closer to a solution that will bring a stronger moral compass to our society and they are all but  leading us all astray.