Demi Lovato went to Twitter in March of this year to declare that she was now six years sober.  That is a major accomplishment and she of course took pride in it and announced it to the world.  She has been very open and public about her addiction battle and it has made fans empathize with her even more.  The harsh reality of being in the public eye is that your reality becomes the public’s reality.  There is a connection that fans form with celebrities and they very often feel as if they are a part of their lives.  Having to battle an addiction wouldn’t normally be something that is such a public affair.  Addictions are powerful and how their victims as their subjects because they are done in secret and in the dark when nobody is watching.  It is a very difficult thing to bring out into the open and to speak out about.  Demi has done this and this gives her power over her addiction.

The internet has gone a buzz with the news that Demi Lovato apparently overdosed and was sent to a hospital where it has been reported that she is now stable and surrounded by family and friends.  We all learned that she had recently relapsed when she released a song detailing how she was no longer sober.  As human beings we have the tendency to get down on ourselves and to concentrate heavily on our faults.  It is particularly hard when we struggle with the same thing over and over and it feels like there is no way to overcome the challenge.  Doing that in the public eye would be all the more damning.  The crushing weight that comes from disappointment and failure can be heavily overwhelming.

This is a time to reach out to Demi and anyone else that would be in her shoes that is not in the public eye.  I imagine that she has had the best help that money can buy to get her through her hardships.  It might seem that it was to no avail, but that would be a fallacy.  Her relapse should not be seen as a failure or be an indictment on her character and the progress that she has made over the past few years.  It was a stumble and everyone should be there to let her know that it is alright and lift her up.  Of course there will be consequences.  Those always come in connection with erroneous decisions on our part, but there is yet a day of healing for her in the future.  We are all imperfect beings and with imperfect lives we stumble, fall, and crawl our way through life.  Let us not be judges of others to their condemnation, but be the ones that lift others up in their times of trial and trouble.

Support groups are the most notorious for this kind of charitable and equitable behavior.  Groups like Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous are a microcosm for how the rest of society should be.  They are a group of imperfect people that come together not to shun, but to lift up and support each other.  They sponsor each other and they see them through their trials with love despite the constant fall outs that occur in life.  It is important that there can only be change on a person’s part and they can only be  helped if the person is really willing to change and if they are not then no amount of help can assist them.  There has to be action on both ends of the spectrum.  That is all.