Hulk Hogan was excommunicated from the W.W.E. realm three years ago in 2015 because of the reporting of his many uses of the N-word in relation to his daughter’s love life.  He has now been welcomed back into the fold and is now reinstated back into the world of W.W.E.  There were mixed emotions about his prodigal return, but it seems that most of the feedback, even among his wrestling compatriots, was positive and that his return is well received.  That is the way that it should be.  Hogan was a wrestling icon and still is today.  To many he is wrestling.  His high public profile should not be the reason for which he has more of a favor to be welcomed back in.  It should be his ability to show that he has repented of his wrong doings and that he has changed.

This life is all about change.  It’s a journey of change.  We are constantly making mistakes and then figuring out what we can do to better improve on past choices that were not sound.  There are levels of consequences associated with our wrong choices because some of them are far worse than others.  Those that take virtue or life away from somebody has committed a crime that merits a very long and suitable punishment from society and from the law.  Many of the “crimes” that are being committed today are being done in a verbal fashion.  In other words, things are being said that offend other people as was in the case of Hulk Hogan and in this case they have every right to be offended.

Too many times though when someone has committed a serious error like unto Hogan that are spat upon and cast out from society having been deemed not worthy to return.  I’m glad that Hogan is returning and this outdated mantra does not apply to his case nor do I think it should apply to the case of Roseanne Bar or others like her.  They need a time to change and develop and become a better person and after they have proven themselves they should all be willingly ushered back in.  We as a society should not be judging people on the actions of the past, but on the person that they have become because remember that life is about changing and we are doing so everyday.