The CW has made a mark on TV with its variety of DC shows in the past few years.  The Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow have done well for the network and tend to be great quality programming.  Most of the titular characters within the DC television universe are not the big time heroes that you will see on the movie screen, yet they provide plenty of action, drama, and entertainment.  Up next on the docket is a new show from the CW that will focus on the heroine Batwoman.  Batwoman, whose real name is Kane Kate, has been around in the comics universe for decades as she has fought crime and defended her city from the vile that would corrupt it.  She is a trained fighter has a army family background, and is known and Bruce Wayne’s cousin.

The new show will not only feature the aforementioned characteristics and story of Batwoman along with some of the more recent story line developments that have taken place in recent years.  The main feature being that Batwoman is a lesbian and so the show will begin to explore not only woman crime fighting, but the social topics of lesbianism as well.  Having gay super heroes is not anything new, but is not something that is common either.  There are gay characters that already exist in the DC television universe, but this will definitely be the most prominent and the most visible case.

There will of course be push back in regards to those that feel the entertainment industry is forcing their social wants and views on the mainstream public.  It is viewed as a sort of indoctrination and it is especially hard because super heroes attract a younger audience.  Parents of that younger audience are concerned that these characters will be instructing their kids on moral issues instead of the parents doing the job.  The answer to this would be for the parents to be aware what their children are watching.  Super hero comics and shows already address adult centered themes and so it is of import for parents to be more aware.  It seems that gay characters are becoming more and more mainstream and the complaints and the verbal protests by a more conservative audience may do little to avoid this.

My suggestion would be to not complain because of the forced morals or the representation of something that one is opposed to in a media atmosphere.  The best way to act in these situations is to teach.  No Hollywood should not be the ones to teach children these issues, but they will see them nonetheless.  The free market is the best way to deal with the issue.  If a good portion of the people are not in favor of this type of programming then the best they can do is not watch and talk to others about it and explain why.  Change should be done through teaching and not squabbling or contentious arguments.  If a show is not profitable because of low viewership then it cannot run.  My fear would be that there will be those that see this show as a threat and then use their angry voice to create more of a stir that will only be perceived as hateful and spiteful.  Truth and change is in the free market already set up for us so let’s use it.