I get into a binge at times of YouTube videos and today was no exception.  I came across a video about fighting in sports.  There was one brutal fight after the other when one scene came around that really struck me.  It was a hockey match and something went awry to cause the two teams to start going head to head and fists to fists.  While the two teams were engaged in viscous combat there was one player lying on the ground unable to move and for a little while nobody really noticed.  The scene became easily recognizable because it is the same scene that is happening in our country at this very moment.  There is fighting with words, actions, and fists and all the while America is sitting there and bleeding out while nobody really notices.

America is suffering societal and economic woes and lays there unable to move while different factions collide, some with good intent, but even good intent can’t cover the destructive fight that is occurring.  Just as anger makes one blind to reason so does the fighting blind us to the true woes in which we are facing.  People are vying for power and authority and while it is being obtained there are great consequences and losses and when America is knocked down then we become the biggest losers.  Will we awake in time to administer the aid that America needs so that she might stand again and be the become of freedom, hope, and peace that she has always been or will we continue to sledge through the muck of our own making while she lays helpless and alone?  It’s our call.