Yesterday Peter Strzok took the hot seat on capitol hill as he had to take thunderous questions from House Republican members for his alleged role in FBI bias in the Hillary Clinton investigation.  Don’t feel too bad for him though because he got plenty of softball questions from the Democrats.  There is one particular exchange that I want to pay some attention to.  It was when the representative from Texas, Louie Gohmert got his turn to ask question to Strzok.  Gohmert was not shy about how he felt about Strzok and what he had been accused of doing with his work in the FBI.

Let me first say that these hearings have great import.  To me it is apparent that Strzok showed bias toward Clinton due to the evidence of text messages that were sent out by him to his co-worker and lover Lisa Page.  I will not get into detail on the matter now, but suffice it to say that should have been the main focus of the hearing.  Gohmert did just that for the most part of his questioning, but then toward the end he got way too personal.  It is well known that Peter Strzok cheated on his wife with his co-worker Lisa Page.  Gohmert took advantage of this indiscretion with one of his statements.  He said, “You’ve embarrassed yourself, and I can’t help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little smirk, how many times did you look so innocent into your wife’s eye and lie about Lisa.”

The whole room erupted at that point, mainly with Democrats crying foul for how personal it had all become.  First of all I must acknowledge that I do realize what Gohmert was doing.  He was bringing up his dishonest and disloyal past to incriminate him and to make his testimony look weak, since Strzok has deliberately stated that he showed no bias.  I do get that and I do get that there will be many that are Republicans that will go along with this and cheer it.  They will cheer it because they enjoy to watch the Democrats squirm.  They believe that because of all their treacherous actions that they do need to feel that discomfort and that pressure and I in a sense do agree with that, but I do not agree with the statement made by Gohmert and here is why.

Basically everything that was said up to that point now becomes null and void.  There is no truth any longer and there is no credit given to the statements and questions that came from his mouth.  Why?  It is because every liberal and Democrat media outlet will jump on that and they will make it their headline, just like CNN already did.  It now became a thing on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night as well.  They will discuss this and how it was inappropriate and the whole point of the hearing is lost.  It may not be lost to the Republicans, but in reality there is no real merit there any longer and that saddens me.  He should have been stronger and better than that and stuck to the questioning.  It would have been far less damaging.

One might not care what the liberal media discusses or shows to their viewers, but one should care.  There is an epic struggle of ideas that is happening within our country and there cannot be anything afforded the Democrats and the unethical Republicans that comes about because of personal weakness.  It may have been momentary, but it was all the hearing will be about.  I encourage him and others, myself included, to be better than that.  Stick to truth, stick to principles, and herald freedom.  Do not fall into the tricks and traps of the Democrats.  It’s only a bottom less pit and we already barely have the tools to stay afloat.