Papa Johns is undergoing some managerial changes after ex CEO, John Schnatter, used the N-word back in May.  He announced that he would be resigning his chairman position with the company following the incident, but as we have seen with Roseanne there will always be consequences and repercussions for the actions of single individuals.  Major League Baseball has had a long term relationship with Papa Johns.  There has been a promotional event ongoing in the M.L.B. where they would call a grand slam a “Papa Slam” and whenever that occurred fans could get 40% off their Papa Johns order the following day.  Due to recent events involving Schnatter though the M.L.B. has suspended this activity for the time being.

The interesting thing is that the organization is being punished because of the actions of one man.  Now granted the man had a very high position within the company, but should his actions weigh so heavily upon the company that he worked for?  Should they be made to suffer because of the ill choice that one of their employees made?  I do not believe that it should be so.  I do understand that when a person works for a company or is part of an organization that they do represent it and much of what they say and do will be taken as if the organization actually said it.  We have to move away from this fallacy.  Schnatter should be punished and then move on from their.  The M.L.B is, temporarily, treating Papa Johns like a leper and casting them out from their midst.

Now it could be that the working partnership easily returns and all is well and that they are simply being cautious in the actions that they are taking and I would hope that this is what is occurring, but let it not go any further than that.  If it were then the business ill be impacted due to their now decreased level of advertising and the supposed traffic they would get coming to their stores because of the promotional event.  Now the damage might not be catastrophic or it might not have any long lasting consequences, but all in all the M.L.B. should recognize that the Papa Johns brand does not represent the culture nor the attitude that was represented by the remark made by Schnatter.