It is easy to get comfortable in life.  It is easy to get to the point where you focus just on you and you kind of shut out the rest of humanity and are oblivious to the problems that surround you.  I have found myself guilty of such ignorance.  As human beings though we have to be better than that.  Scouring the internet and commenting and debating only goes so far.  We must move beyond the realm of the virtual reality social media provides and put our actions out into the real world because there are real people that need our help.  To be human is to extend beyond ones own self and to lift others up.  How human are you?  That is a question of self reflection that should be attended to quite often.

We as humans also can easily look into the past and the evils that have lived on in the past and assume that we would be responsible and brave and that we would take action against so much evil.  All would agree, for the most part, that slavery is evil and that it should not find its footing in this world.  Most would say that they opposed slavery had they been around the time predating and after the Civil War.  It is easy to say that one would be so brave, but it is entirely different to actually act on it and there is a grand opportunity to act on such a reprehensible act now in our own day.  Slavery is alive and well.  Of course slavery is illegal, but there are more slaves on this Earth than there ever have been and here in America there is no difference.

There are an estimated 45 million slaves in the world today.  Though the United States isn’t among the biggest countries to house illegal slaves there are still thousands upon thousands of people, including children, that are kidnapped and trafficked for malicious purposes.  Go to the following site to see the harrowing statistics for yourself:  This is modern day slavery and it is happening while not being fully forced upon the public eye.  This is an issue where we, as humans, get to stand up and say, “No!”  This is where the metal meets the road and is an instance where we get to act and show our true humanity.  Will we do it?

There is a great organization, Operation Underground Railroad, that does a great work in rescuing children from drug and sex traffickers.  They are ran by one, Timothy Ballard, who is doing an incredible work and who has rescued hundreds of children.  Go to their site,, to find out ways that you can participate in helping these children get rescued.  This is a disease and an epidemic that is wrecking our world and we cannot let it stand.  Let us be human and not only condemn such heinous acts with words, but let us eradicate it with our actions.  If we cannot stand up to evil like this in our own lives we must reflect and really wonder what kind of human beings we really are?