I believe that it is human nature to at times put others flaws above our own.  We often times do not like to be self-critical and acknowledge that what we have done wrong or that which we believe is wrong.  It is a hard thing to accept and man is often prideful in these situations.  How easy is it to see the offenses of others and to point them out publicly and shame them for what they believe in or the actions they have committed.  There is a huge dispute at the border concerning illegal immigration.  There are many that look on such instances and scoff believing that these people that come here illegally have broken the law and there should be no course but to expel them from the country.

They indeed have broken the law and they should suffer for what they have done some sort of punishment that has been affixed to that crime.  Thinking of this has caused me to wonder on the different laws and infractions that we participate in, but do so with ease and leisure.  I think mainly about speeding.  There are so many people, myself included, that willingly speed and that endanger not only their lives, but the lives of others.  Should we not be as critical over that infraction than those that are breaking laws on the border?  Do we have a right to accuse others of breaking certain laws when we are so lax on other ones that seem only an inconvenience to us?

I do not write this to have an opinion, but to simply raise those questions to provoke thought.  Are there laws that are more important than other laws in this country and do we put more precedent on certain laws in comparison to others?  Along with provoking thought I wish to invite to ponder the situations of others and the reason for why they broke the law in the first place.  In a spiritual realm, mainly Christianity, we are taught to not judge and to extend a hand to those that have sinned spiritually.  Those of us that are Christians, are we extending a hand when people sin against the laws of the nation as we are instructed to do toward those that sin against the laws of God?  That does not mean that there should be no punishment given, but then again what are we doing in our lives to really help those that stand in need of help?  It is good to consider the positions and situations of others instead of automatically casting judgement.  The situation is not so black and white.