I’m going to get right into it and answer the title of the article with a resounding yes!  It is true that you can support the president and not be labeled a racist.  On the Morning Joe program yesterday Joe Scarborough said attacked Trump by calling him racist and claimed that if you are a supporter of Trump then you are openly racist as well.  This is problematic.  This idea opens up a box that does not need to be messed with.  It takes guilty by association to another level.

We are not perfect people.  All of us with our imperfections are not going to always go well with everyone else and eventually we are going to let people down with the things that we say or that we do.  First of all I want to say that yes Trump does have bad characteristics, just like everyone else in society.  That could be rebutted by saying that having racist characteristics is the exception because of how bad it is.  I do not believe that he is a racist.  By saying so you are opening up the can of him hating those of other skin colors and really wishing for them to not have a leg up in life.  I just can’t see that and especially since he has done much good for people of an opposite race.

I wish to point out as well that the idea of supporting someone does not paint you with the same bad characteristics that they have.  Trump is a bit of misogynist and he has done some very crude things to women, but that doesn’t make all the men that claim open support for him a misogynist as well.  You are able, as an individual, to like what some people do without having to like everything that they do and you can show support for the things that you do like.  If the left has this kind of mentality then that is why they are so against working with people that are different than what they are.  If they can find one fault with someone then they damn them from the ranks of society with words born from vice and anger.

Lastly I want to add that I believe that it would be well for our society to not support “people” in elected offices, but rather to support principles, ideas, standards, etc.  If we throw our support fully behind a person than they are always going to disappoint and also we are going to probably end up having to defend them in every instance and that would mean that at some point they will have to contradict or go against their founding principles.  At that point it becomes about people and parties rather than liberty and freedom.  That is what gives people power and makes them do anything to want to maintain that power.  We should look to uphold principles and teachings that are true and that bring prosperity to us individually and to the nation collectively.  Doing so we get us away from constantly defending the actions of others.  I would call for no more monuments to men/women, but to ideals that are laden with truth.