In America we profess to live in a land of liberty.  That statement might seem delusional to many that live here due to there harsh circumstances and the lack of privilege they claim to enjoy, but nonetheless America has always been propped up in the world as the great nation of opportunity.  There are many that desire to come here to partake of that freedom, to make more money, and to give their families a better footing in life and who can really blame them.  That has created a media hail storm of inquiry, rage, and compassion here in America as there are many that have and are trying to enter America illegally.

I wish not to discuss the tenets of border security, but rather to pose a question of philosophy.  The question is thus:  Does a person have a right to where they live solely based upon the fact that they were born there?  I will expound.  There are many people that want to come to this country, but have trouble doing so.  The main objective of the country is to thrive and flourish and so it is essential that we get good and upstanding people to come into the country so as to make it prosper.  There are those that are born here in America, not of their choice, because where you are born is not something that you choose, that do not contribute at all to the growth of America, but yet are still able to be here above those that would contribute.  Is that right?

If America was treated as a business then many of those that lived here would be fired and relocated and those that wanted to come in that could contribute would for sure take their place.  Now this is not something that I advocate for, but it is an interesting to discussion to have.  Those on the right, where I tend to side, speak about going out and earning what you deserve and that those that work hard should be rewarded for their merits, but when we look at birth what kind of merits are there?  There is no reason to congratulate because you have done nothing of your own accord.  So I go back to the title of the article and say, who has a right to be here in America?

Is it the right of those that truly earn it with their hard work and their dedication to life and society, but that were not fortunate enough to be born here or does it go to those that were blessed to be born here, but that do not contribute at all?  This gets into some deep discussion and ultimately the problem would be developing a system that judges people based on their merits and to decide who has done enough to qualify for their continual stay in America and the fact of the matter is that such a system would be hard to come by because of the imperfections that define our human experience.  This is something that I can’t foresee occurring, mainly because the government cannot legally kick somebody out of the country and families would be separated, but it definitely makes for a fun dinner topic.