It has been announced and is now official that the Connor family, as seen on the TV show Roseanne, will be making their way back on to the small screen.  The only difference, and what a big difference it is, is that titular character of the show, Roseanne, will not be featured in the series.  Due to her being axed from the show because of her inappropriate tweeting, she will not be able to return.  It is difficult to imagine the show without her presence and it will be quite interesting to find out how they handle the absence of her character, but there is more on this topic that I wish to hash out and discuss.

You see, I’m not to certain that she shouldn’t be allowed to come back on the show.  I believe that we have developed a problem that is of epidemic proportions in that we are far too easily kicking people out of society and destroying their careers because of mistakes they have made.  Now I do believe in consequences and that are actions make us liable for them, but at what point does it become too much.  If someone comes out and is truly apologetic for what they have done, and they demonstrate consistency through their actions that they are apologetic, then why not give them another chance.  What she said was a very reprehensible thing to say, but seeing the error of her ways shouldn’t she be given a shot to change that and contribute to society more that is good?

At what point do we forgive people and allow them another shot?  Kathy Griffin was shunned for a while due to her posing with a fake severed Donald Trump head, but she now is in the spotlight again and doing good stuff with her career.  She has been let back into the fold, but the truly interesting thing with her is that she has since gone back on her apology and has decided that she does not feel bad for what she has done.  So why should anything be different for her and her career if she has not demonstrated a level of care or concern to really change anything?  Is it that the passage of time has healed the wound that she created and that everything is all fine and dandy now?

Let us let the free market decide.  In these instances, where someone has done something bad but not criminal, let us let the people make the choice.  Keep on with the show and keep on with her in it and let’s see what the viewership becomes and if it is very bad then you can make the changes.  That will be a real solution that deals with real people and real consequences.  All in all we need to be bringing people into the fold and working with them to change for the better instead of punishing them through ostracizing them.  If there was an alcoholic that messed up over and over again it would not be wise to kick him out of ones life because they messed up, but that is when they would need someone the most.  Maybe instead of demonizing Roseanne for what she did we can show some compassion and reach out to her and try to help her become better.  Hopefully that idea isn’t as far fetched as it may sound.  I for one am at least hopeful.