Let me start this by saying that I do not watch any of the major news networks.  I simply listen to other people mainly through podcasts that I feel are more non-biased and more intelligent and truthful.  Now if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to choose one then the one that I would choose would be Fox News.  They are the ones that lean to the right the most and that is where my political ideologies tend to stand, though I do not affiliate with any party.  I actually believe that it is a good practice to view the news from multiple sources, agree with them or not, and that it makes a person more well-informed and helps to create their own way of viewing the world and government.  Tucker Carlson of Fox News does not apparently believe this way.

On his show a few night ago he made this statement, “If you’re looking to understand what’s actually happening in this country, always assume the opposite of whatever they’re telling you on the big news stations,” The implication, or rather the direct statement, is that every other news source is incorrect.  Now there are going to be many that agree with this and shout from the rooftops in joy over the matter.  There is such hatred and frustration built within other people that they will demonize and admonish any other news source on all accounts no matter the story they are trying to tell.  This is dangerous.

I do not care what the news station is, even if totally agree with the sentiments that they share, I would never encourage others to stay away from all other news sources.  There is not one news source that reigns supreme and acts in a God like fashion, delivering the news with prestige and perfection.  Even if there was then the problem arises where they will not always be able to maintain that elite level and their standards will slide, along with all those that view them.  I find it problematic that people already look to just one news source for all of their information and then take it all at face value as truth.  That is dangerous territory to dabble in.  That creates a population that are sheep like and ignorant.

My vision would be one of people researching on their own and finding out the news from multiple platforms and then using their creative thinking skills, you know the ones that you were to learn and use in high school, and then come to their own conclusions.  That would create a greater and more effective dialogue in the country and that would lead to greater conclusions and solutions to problems.  The left has pounced on this recent Carlson outburst and they have done so effectively.  Fox will not be hurt by it, but those that are the sheep will continue to feel the burden of not venturing off on their own to graze in the pastures of knowledge and intelligence.

As the title of this articles suggest, Tucker Carlson is not the answer.  That is not to say that he does not espouse truth, but rather that he does not have all the answers.  That is not to single him out because there is not one person that has all of the answers and that speaks to the importance of us needing to work together as a collective.  If an individual will only delve into the facts issued out by one news network then they are putting themselves and those that they communicate with at a disadvantage.  There are many news sources that exist as well that are not in the main stream of news.  Seek them out and you shall find and the journey will be an awakening and enlightening one.