Chris Pratt, beloved funnyman and actor, received the Generation Award at the recently held MTV Movie Awards.  He was being celebrated for all of his work and films that he has done over the years.  He has really become famous due to his roles as Star Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Owen Grady from Jurassic World.  Pratt went up on the stage to receive the award and then gave a speech that has now become a viral hit.  In the address he credits his family and the love that he has for them and also gives some advice to the rising generation.

He blended wisdom with comedy and it came off as a big hit.  He taught about not being a turd and how to properly give medicine to a dog, the which is very practical advice.  He also gave very detailed instructions on how to pop at a party without it becoming an embarrassing moment.  Again the practicality of this advice is spot on and will serve many people well going forward.  Such can only be born from true life experience.

The most impressive, and the most serious advice, came when he spoke about God and the relationship that he has with Him.  He encouraged everyone to pray, to embrace their imperfection, and that God is real and that He loves us and wants the best for us.  That is very timely advice and very profound.  The first thing that I take from this is the simplicity of it.  In a world that goes awry everyday there needs to be simplistic measures employed to maintain the right steer of the ship.  There is too much chaos and too much overthinking and there now needs to be the time where we realize that the solutions to our problems are simple.  This is especially good for individuals that are struggling.

I thought that this was a pretty bold move by Chris Pratt to speak about God on the MTV stage.  Their programming embraces diversity and many times the messages that are shared through the programming and other musicians is not totally aligned with God.  I was glad to see that he was applauded for his words and that they were well received.  I have not seen anyone write anything negative about the situation.  The whole ordeal builds hope within me for a better future and that there are people that are famous with a huge platform that will do something good with what they have been given.

This goes to show as well that those that are popular have a huge influence on those that are young, and even those that are more mature in years.  Young minds are so impressionable and it seems that the media at large is constantly steering them in multiple directions and those directions are not always the most moral.  Society needs people like Chris Pratt to stand up and to speak on that which is positive and moral.  Compare this speech to the scathing and vulgar words which Robert De Niro spat the other night and the difference is so stark.

Now I realize that Chris Pratt is not perfect and that within the last year he has had some personal struggles with his divorce to Anna Farris, but let us not judge him for that.  Let us take that which is good that he has delivered and see how it can be applicable to the lives that we live.  Because of Pratt I now know how to poop at a party, but most importantly I know that there is hope in high places and that God still has a place in our society.  He must always have a place in society so that morals and standards are prominent among us.