I just got done reading about Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski and some comments that he made while he was on CNN.  It was brought to his attention that there was a ten year old down syndrome child that was taken from her parents at the border and he simply replied, “Womp, womp.”  In effect he could have very well quoted Justin Timberlake’s song, “Cry Me a River.”  The host, of course, was appalled and could not believe the words that he was saying.  I will quickly point out that though Lewandowski does not speak for the Trump administration or for the Republicans, his words nonetheless will be interpreted by others to be such.  That is a shame in and of itself, but I digress.

The problem at the border right now is not a political one.  Lawmakers and the White House surely want to fix the situation because it looks bad on their part.  That is not the concern though.  I could care less about the public perception they have to endure.  All I care about is that they do what is right.  David Hogg was on the Jimmy Fallon show last night and made a similar statement when he said that he does not want to vote for someone that was a Republican or a Democrat just because they have a D or an R by their name, but rather he wants to vote for a true morally acceptable American.  I agree with him and the party politics only distorts the vision of what we must become and what we must achieve as a nation.

So what do we do?  First of all we cannot separate families, even if the act is only temporary.  They have to stay together.  They can be held together and sent back together, but must be together.  That is unnecessary drama for a child to have to endure.  Second of all, and this is a close second, there has to be a border resolution.  If there is not a secure law and if the border is not enforced then we will continue to have these problems.  It is an illegal act to come into a country without permission and we have to respect that.  There are millions of illegal immigrants in this country and it will only damper our nations progress.  That is not to say that all of them are a burden on society or that they are not good people, but without proper assimilation and training they themselves cannot reach their full potential in this country.

There is a blame game going on right now.  Who is to blame for the debacle that is happening.  I think there is plenty of blame to go around and to argue over who to blame is just childish at this point.  There has to be a meeting of the minds instead of a dividing by words.  We must evaluate how we got here and paint a vision of how we are going to do different.  It is a tough situation.  I have a charitable heart and I sorrow when I see others suffering.  I wish that America could take in every sick and needy person in the world, but alas we cannot.  There has to be a system of order.

We must remember also that it is illegal to cross this border without documentation and that criminal acts, here in America, do separate parents from their children.  There has to be a punishment affixed to the crime and that is where it can get tricky.  There should be a sense of compassion here though because as a nation we have not done well to protect our borders as we must.  This problem will still continue for generations if there is not common sense communication that is had among the parties.  I don’t have too much confidence in the government that we have to pull such a feat off.  The focus cannot be on power, but on unity, humility, and love.