Let me being by saying “pun intended” on the title of the article.  Robert Diner…considered one of the greatest actors of many generations.  He’s been in film for quite some time now and has starred in academy worthy roles such as “Dirty Grandpa.”  Also sarcasm intended.  Dirty is the perfect way to describe the language used by De Niro when he introduced the legendary Bruce Springsteen at the Tony Awards.  De Niro approached the microphone and hurled out, “First, I wanna say, ‘f**k Trump,'” De Niro said. “It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump,’ it’s ‘f**k Trump.”  Of course there was applause.  Heck that should deserve a standing ovation right?  Wrong and wrong on so many levels.  I take such issue with this remark and here is why.

First of all it takes no amount of bravery nor intelligence for De Niro to do what he did.  Congratulations man, you were able to stand in front on hundreds of people that think the same way that you do and that already accept you and say something that was totally reprehensible.  Good job man.  There is no single though process in the words that he said.  All he did was roll out a couple of cuss words and direct them at the president of the United States.  Takes a big man to do that huh?  Congrats on not being able to think properly enough to declare something worthy of discourse.  If all it takes to get someone to back you and your principles, if there are any, is saying some strong cuss words then we are at a low state in America.

Using foul language is a crap shoot and far off from being able to get into real debate and real thoughtful discussion.  How are you to speak and reason with someone of that mentality.  There is no reasoning.  There are many on the left and right that spew this venom and drip it over the fledgling minds of the members of our society.  It is intoxicating and it is dangerous.  There is no pure foundation to any of that kind of speech.  There is no depth and no resolution to get something properly done.  There is no advancement not is there any genuine truth in any of those words.  All it accomplishes is….wait, it accomplishes nothing.

Also I must add that this is why the left lost the election and why they will keep losing.  That is why the right has lost elections before as well.  There is no real answers on their side.  They are opposed to those on the right and their ideals and that is where the brain stops churning.  Now it is not like that for everyone on the left, but those that occupy the biggest stages in the world tend to act like that and that is what is seen.  That only delivers a greater desire for passion and activism for those that are on the right and that defend Trump.  Heck I am not even the biggest Trump fan, but seeing stuff like this makes me want to support him more.

Celebrities speak out against bullying, but yet they advertise themselves as the biggest bullies on the playground.  Sure they may justify it and say that it is alright because Trump is a bully and he does plenty that is bad.  That is still hypocritical and that is still being a bully no matter  how you spin it.  The left has to change their image.  They have become to open and accepting to the point that they have not identity and they have no room for those that they disagree with that could actually aide them in getting a better and more secure identity.  They say that hate is not the answer, well now is the time to prove it.  I challenge all political opponents to do so, I even triple dog dare you.