David Hogg, Parkland shooting survivor and political activist, recently came out and told the world the key to combatting those that are on the right.  Well right away the picture is painted that those that are on the right are actually in the wrong.  If you have to combat something or someone then they are an enemy of sorts and they are engaged in activity that is meant to bring you down.  I will not go to that point and say that the “right” is off base nor will I say it of the “left.”  Now there are many within both parties that do show signs of being deceitful and disingenuous.  Of course Hogg is focussing on the right because he is on the opposite side of the aisle.

Well having determined that logic, I will speak on what he said was the remedy for the right and that is to love them.  That struck a cord with me when I read that is what he had said  Why is that?  Well for the sole fact that he himself has not been very loving when it comes to the NRA or figures in the political and media arena.  He has used very lewd language and has accused those that are associated with the NRA of being murderers.  Now that is not some whimsical idea that can just be thrown around.  If you are going to be speaking of murder then it must be realized that there is nothing worse than murder.

So David Hogg speaks about the principle of love, and surely there are times that he demonstrates it, but in reality he has been the force behind many turning to more forceful verbal rhetoric.  You see it is alright for him to use such language and accusations though because he justifies it feeling that his argument is the correct one.  There is nothing more to it than that.  The ends will justify the means.  Having that self-imposed moral high ground allows you to throw verbal grenades and feel no recourse.  Others have lifted him up to his throne and therefore he cannot be touched.

I will say that his logic is correct.  The world does need a lot more love in it and that is the solution to heal all wounds in all societies and between all parties and nations.  If we could love all then we would be compelled to help them with whatever cause they are engaged in.  I have felt the affects of love by receiving it and giving it.  One thing must be made clear though and that is that just because you disagree with someone does not mean that you do not love them.  We should be able to exercise the principle of love and then at the same time have open minded debates that stir thought and intrigue and do not divide and segregate.  Hogg was right, we do need love.   The questions is…will he, you and I demonstrate it properly so that a change might be made.