I admit that while I wrote the title to this article I had to take a step back and think about the words that had just inked out onto my computer.  How crazy is it that someone would even have the mind to snort a condom or to eat a tide pod?  It has happened and is happening now.  The tide pod challenge has been one upped by the snorting a condom challenge, which has teenager snorting a condom up their nose and then pulling it out from their mouth.  I just watched a video of it to verify the insanity and it is in fact true.  Teenagers tend to experiment as they are trying to find their place in the world, but this kind of experimenting is beyond me.

I do not wish to focus on the few teenagers that have decided to follow blindly into these kind of hijinks, but rather I want to focus on how Republicans and others political powers respond to this and other similar debacles.  David Hogg, Parkland shooting survivor, has become a huge political figure in the past few weeks.  I have seen memes and social media posts that suggest that he should not be adhered to because he is of the “tide pod generation.”  Now these are two matters that have nothing to do with each other and this is a proclamation of what is wrong with society.  Just because there is someone that is the same age as someone else does not mean that they represent all of that age.

For one thing, age does not determine maturity nor does it determine activism or belief.  That is a product of the very work that we put in.  We want to categorize people so badly when it is not necessary.  Not all Millennials are dumb and ignorant.  Many of them are highly intelligent and highly dedicated to making the world a better place.  The same notion applies to any profession or professed allegiance to a group.  I go to a church and if someone spots me in the public eye making a fool of myself then it is not only I that gets ridiculed, but then the church is looked upon in a bad light.  It is the classic preacher’s child scenario.  “Oh they are awful as a person and they are the preacher’s son!”  The two, though having influence on each other, is not the deciding factor.

The gist is that we cannot compare the actions of a few with the whole herd.  They are not a clear representation.  Republicans quickly jump on these efforts and so do many on the political left.  I am just more harsh on Republicans because I expect more out of them.  Foolish me right?  So let us assume and rest assured that David Hogg is not a cell phone toting, condom sniffing, tide pod eating teenager and you can expect me, being from the South, to not be a gun toting tobacco chewing, country bumpkin of a man.  It takes really getting to know people on an individual level to really know who they are and what they represent.  Do not take other’s words for it.