Upon reading the title one’s heart might slip into a state of depression.  You are now thinking of an eternity that lies beyond the vision of our mortal ability.  That then becomes a matter of faith, which we will not tread upon here.  It is true though.  All things must unavoidably come to an end.  This thought is brought to my attention and is now being transferred through my fingering of my keyboard because of two deaths that occurred today.  The first death was that of former first lady, Barbara Bush.  Mrs. Bush was of world renown.  She did a lot throughout the course of her life and she lived to a great age. There are many lives that have been affected by her voice and actions.  The second death of which I am to speak is one that is not so famous.

There was a freak accident upon a commercial airliner where an engine blew up and a woman that was flying on the plane has now been confirmed dead.  That is pure tragedy.  Come to find out, she was the mother of two children.  Think of the worldwide notoriety that she had in comparison with Mrs. Bush.  There is none and that is not to the discredit of anyone in this situation.  It is interesting though to ponder that the same situation has occurred with these two women though both were from different walks of life.  Death both took them and yet the circumstances were different and yet it does not matter.

I wish not to sound insensitive because the loss of any family member, friend, or national icon is a heavy blow and the loss surely matters to those that are left behind and as well it should.  The loss matters because it leaves a crater in the lives of those left behind.  I do not insult them, for I have lost loved ones as well, but after our grief is experienced, years will then pass and we as well will find death knocking on our very door and it will call us from this Earthly realm.  Death passes upon everyone.  There is no remedy to that outside of religious faith.  Therefore I must conclude that all the temporal things in this life have no ultimate import.

Now they have import in this life.  Money is used as a means to purchase and consume and it is necessary to live a fruitful and stress free life, and that has been determined by the type of society that we live in.  But there are temporal things untold and I mean those things that have no everlasting value.  There is a finality to all things that are finite and worldly, or rather of this Earth.  They grow old and they die.  We use our human hands to construct things, but they eventually rust and mold.  How could hands that are temporal make something that is eternal?  It is a fallacy to believe such.

What then can last forever.  The things that can never be corrupted, unless willfully so are the traits that we acquire in this life.  We can grow in patience, hard work, charity and love, etc.  These are those things that, if nurtured, do not dim in time.  There is no expiration date and therefore the activities that foster these attributes should be the ones most worthy of our participation.  There are too many things to be distracted by and to become addicted to and it is up to us to fortify ourselves against those things.  There are those that will debate the immortality of the soul and that is an answer that will be seen by all at one point, but if there were even the chance that it was true, then it makes sense to put ones efforts into the expansion of said soul.  The temporal and societal benefits that come about by such action are good and makes it worthy to strive after.