Donald Trump may not have won the popular vote for the presidency of the United States, but there is no doubt that he is still popular amongst those that voted for him.  Surely there are those that have lost favor with him, but his core group hangs around unhinged from the constant barrage of medial and personal attacks that he receives daily.  There is a reason why President Trump is so popular.  He is the antithesis of the Left and their continual assault on American conservatism and liberty.  They try so dangerously hard to undermine him at every turn.

The liberal left, who do a great disservice to the word liberal, do nothing but shoot themselves in the foot.  They are the reason for why we have Trump.  Even those that normally wouldn’t be a big fan of Trump have changed their tune because of the way that he stands up to their constant peddling of misinformation and scare tactics.  He is not afraid of them and speaks his mind and thus he is so well liked.  Those that are Leftists of course do not do themselves any favors.

Trump was recently screened to see if there were any medical concerns that he and the American people should know about.  The White House Physician held a press conference to unveil that Trump has no serious medical conditions and that he is very healthy.  The Left acted incredulously of course.  They could not believe it.  They are not able to beat him at the poles and so they try different tactics to get him out of office.  They cannot beat him politically or ideologically and so they result to attacking his mental and physical state.  The physician’s report should have been the end of the matter.  He is the same physician that served with Obama and so there clearly could not be any bias.  Alas though the press could not handle the news and started to ask a multitude of questions that were child like and incompetent.

Questions have arisen about his potential obesity, his potential life expectancy, how he could be so healthy after having eaten so much fast food, if he will only get one scoop of ice cream now, and so on.  How degrading and low is it for these grown adults to ask such crazy and unfocussed questions?  These are those that report on the news, yet they are nowhere near the level of competence needed to do their jobs.  If they really want a place at the table and to help in the agenda to make America the best that it can be then they need to stop with their voodoo dolls and wishing ill on the president and get to work.  They say that the president is unhealthy when what truly is unhealthy is their obsession with getting Trump out of office.  They are comparable to my two year old pitching a fit when she does not get her way.  Suck it up buttercups and move on.