I knew from the onset of watching The Greatest Showman in the theaters that there was something different about this movie.  Before the logos started rolling the star of the movie, Hugh Jackman, and the director, Michael Gracey, appeared on the screen to thank everyone for coming to see their movie.  I thought that it was a real class act and I in verbal reply told them, “your’e welcome.”  From the beginning it made the movie seem that much more personal.  You have people that are extremely proud of the product that they have created and they very well should be.

The movie follows the protagonist, P.T. Barnum, as he struggles to find economic success for his wife and two girls.  I will admit right here that though the performance of the whole cast was supreme, it was these two girls that stole the show on many occasions.  They were so adorable to watch.  Barnum gets the idea one day to start a circus of oddities, featuring people that have been cast out of society and looked down upon because of their physical differences.  It is a struggle at first, but once he does achieve success the real struggle begins when he must find out how to balance this new life and what it means for his family.  Other well known and well contributing actors include Michelle Williams, Zendaya, and Zac Efron, and Rebecca Ferguson.

The Greatest Showman is a true musical.  The musical numbers are very much a part of the fantasy world, based on true events and people, and the characters sing and dance through these numbers as if everyone does it in life.  I almost wish that it were the case.  This movie was a true musical.  Pitch Perfect has the blessed honor of being the highly grossing musical of all time, but I would hardly call it a true musical, at least when it fins itself compared to the likes of this movie.  This movie might not be the highest grossing musical movie of all time, but I left the theater with the exclamation that it was a masterpiece.

There really is no other way to describe it.  To me it is the perfect movie.  There is love, comedy, great spirited singing and dancing, a compelling story, and actors and actresses that really sold the characters that they were playing.  I have been singing to the soundtrack nonstop since I last saw the movie.  I stood up and clapped when the credits were rolling because it highly deserved it.  That is an action that I have hardly ever done throughout the course of my life.  The choreography seemed very fine tuned and very thought out and detailed.  I wish the same kind of choreography could be applied to a light saber duel in a Star Wars movie and maybe they would have more to show for it.

I also loved and respected that there was no vulgarity, immorality, or dark and dreadful themes.  It was clean in word and deed and it proves that a movie can be such and still deliver.  That is a thought and principle that Hollywood should imbed deep within their souls.  There should be more movies like this for it leaves you feeling inspired and exalts you to a higher level than you were previous to entering the theater.  Now I must admit that the reclining seats that I was able to sit in made it a more particular enjoyable show, but all in all it was the perfect movie.  I saw it with my loved one, my spouse of almost eleven years and that only perpetuated the love that I had for the movie.  Such experiences should be shared with those that we love.  I recommend, insist, and at least almost command that the populated world go and see this movie.  It will not disappoint.