I went to the movie theater with my wife today to see “The Greatest Showman”.  The movie really lived up to it’s title and it was really great all around.  Upon finishing the movie I looked up the history of the main protagonist, P.T. Barnum.  Come to find out there were some made up moment and characters in the movie.  That was not a surprise to me at all.  It is Hollywood that we are talking about and they are going to make the movie as flashy and dramatic as they possibly can.  I then posed a question to my wife and that I now pose to all of you.  Is it dangerous to tell a story and to add fiction to the narrative?

If history is not told accurately then we run the risk of having it be retold again and again in an incorrect manner.  I am a teacher and if I were to go to my class and tell them the incredible story of P.T. Barnum, which he did so some great things, but I did so with inspirational scenes from the movie to inspire others then that could only typify and exacerbate the myth.  Others would tell of the tale and then there would be attempts to inspire all around that were not founded in truth.  There is plenty of inspiring truths in the world that we can seek after and thus we should and tell those tales of inspiration.

Hollywood does say that their movies are based on true stories and that the stories are not all around true and that is important to note.  It is also incumbent upon society to search multiple avenues for truth and not just get it from one source.  We must learn to get information from books, movies, shows, the media, and people all around us.  Limiting ourselves to one source will not paint the whole picture of truth and that is a more dangerous step than someone telling a mythical story that was purported to be true.  We must learn to discern truth and to experience it so that we might know how to do so.  It is a step that will bring a more enlightened and educated people in our society.