There is a story that is making the rounds today about Oakland A’s catcher, Bruce Maxwell.  The A’s are absent from the World Series and so Bruce decided to go home to Alabama and while there went out to eat with a friend.  The waiter that they had recognized Bruce and told him that he would not serve him.  The reason why has to deal with all the kneeling that has been commonplace in sports as of late.  Bruce Maxwell just happens to be the first MLB player to take a knee prior to a game and since that was the case the waiter refused to serve him.  The waiter also referred the himself as a Trump supporter and that he stood with Trump.  Another waiter was asked for and they were able to get their food.

I do not necessarily agree with the kneeling in the NFL, but I would never refuse someone service over it.  That is actually a fireable offense.  That waiter is being paid by the employer to serve the customers and to make sure that they are well taken care of and if the customer has not displayed any action of being non courteous or rude then they have no reason not to be served.  Now if the employer were to make the mandate then it would be alright and then the free market would work in favor against that restaurant.

The incident reminded me of something that happened to me a few weeks ago.  I had mentioned to someone something that I had seen on the Ellen Degeneres show and asked if they had seen it.  They replied that they did not watch the show because they do not like her liberal views.  I am not a fan of them either, but I am not going to distance myself from her even though she is a staunch liberal with societal views that go contrary to mine.  If I were to distance myself and shove every person away from me that generally disagreed with my beliefs then not only am I hurting society, but I’m hurting myself.

Contrary to my own personal belief I do not know anything and therefore the more people that I do not associate with because I disagree with them then I am decreasing the opportunities that I have to learn from others.  There will be no genuine discourse and progression in our society if we cannot learn to speak with each other.  It has to change and has to be different.  We ought to talk to others to see why they believe the way they do and maybe then we can develop some empathy and that empathy can open doors to new beginnings and to new progress.

How much better are we than those that feel they are racially superior to others if we willfully distance ourselves from those that oppose us.  Would society be better without them?  I would think not and if we are left with people that all believe the same then you are faced with either anarchy or a dictatorship.  The choice is yours.  I choose to have those open dialogues and to serve others despite what they might believe.  To me it is the right and only thing to do.