Growing up I learned to heavily rely on what my parents told me.  If they told me that the sky was blue then sure enough I would spout that information off to my teacher at school.  The same principle could be applied to countless scenarios like one plus one is two and that the first president was George Washington.  Our parents have a huge influence on the way that we think, the knowledge that we obtain, and the way that we process the world.  My parents were also heavy into religion while I was growing up and so I was on the church pew, usually the same one, every Sunday.  I didn’t ever question it nor the existence of God, but when I got to a certain age I started to.

Now for a parent this might be an alarming stage in a child’s life.  They are beginning to question what they have been taught and a parent might perceive it as being an attack on their traditions and beliefs, but this is far from the truth.  I would gauge that this is actually a rather healthy activity for any human being to go through.  We as humans should not be dependent on any one person for the beliefs that we have.  They can help to influence them of course, but to have them be the end all to be all would be selling the child, or any human for that matter, short.  We all need to come to know truth for ourselves and the process of going after and searching for truth is one that is only rewarding when we do it with our own merit and will and sacrifice.

I write about this topic due to an incident that occurred last week in a press conference with Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  She was being questioned by a reporter about a claim that General John Kelly had made.  The scenario to the reporter did not add up and so they kept pressing the issue.  Mrs. Sanders ending up replying, “If you want to go after General Kelly that’s up to you but I think that if you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, I think that’s something highly inappropriate.”  That can be interpreted that it is not wise, nor considered right, to debate a general of that caliber.

I couldn’t disagree more.  Sure General Kelly has earned his post and he has earned his opinion, but that still does not make it to where he has transcended this earthly realm and is now more devout and divine than a human.  That being the case, it is perfectly reasonable for one to question what he says and to debate with him on principles of truth and integrity.  That is not in any way being demeaning to the character and office of the General, but it is a simple process of trying to find out truth.  As the title of this article states….Question Everything!

Every time that I receive new knowledge I ask new questions.  I try to hit it from all angles to make sure that I have the most resolute understanding of the knowledge and the truth that I have recently acquired.  No person is exempt from being questioned.  That is the same for the president and for any leader in the country that we have.  That draws a dangerous line in the sand if we get to the point that we cannot even form opinions against certain men and women in this country.  That puts them on a higher footing than the rest of us and presumes that they will be correct in any given situation.  That is far from the truth.  Surely there are and will forever be people that are more credible, but let us not assume that there are those that are impervious to fault.  That is simply not the truth.  Just because someone is questioning something or someone does not mean as well that they are against that one person or thing.  It is only a process in the journey and search for truth that we should all be engaged in while in this life.