Everyone in the media has an agenda.  If there were the off chance that someone was in the media and that approached it with a fair and balanced look and accurately reported on the news of the day then I would give them a cookie and a pat on the back.  That is not the case though. No matter what side of the aisle that you are on you are generally prone to defend your party.  That is human mechanics.  There are those that can and have overcome this defect, but overall it seems that we are all to ready to destroy the opposition rather than understand it.

Let’s face it…the Democrats want Trump gone and they want him to fail.  They do not want his actions to succeed for they feel they are derived from evil and that they will shatter our country to a billion pieces and the Republicans felt the same way about Obama.  Because of this divide each party will look for any story they can get their hands on that will depict the opposition in a negative light and even if it is something that is false.  That is the narrative of the day.  Every day there is a new story about Trump and something that he has said and done.  Some of it has the gravitas to stick and be something that should really be discussed and other times it is utter nonsense.  Now Trump has the tendency to shoot himself in the foot a lot and Twitter is his pistol, but that aside there are way too many fabricated and non-important stories that are circulating in the media today.

One that is currently making the rounds is the conversation that Trump had with the wife, Myeshia Johnson, of a slain military officer  The Democrats are assaulting him saying that he was disrespectful and that he was short and rude and the Republicans, Trump included, are painting the picture in a different light.  The wife just made a TV appearance to support the Democrat claim, but Trump lashed out this morning via his Twitter and said, “I had a very respectful conversation with the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, and spoke his name from the beginning, without hesitation!”  Not the exclamation point to infer the anger and frustration with the situation.

I quite frankly am frustrated with it all as well because our economy is in shambles and we can potentially default on our currency, but we rather this be the headline for a whole week.  The only potential point that this makes, if Trump was indeed guilty of such rudeness, is that he in not an empathetic person and that he does not care for those that he presides over.  You could actually go somewhere with that, but ultimately he will still be in office and we still need to get work done.  Nothing is getting done and both sides are to blame!  These conversations will matter, but if our economy craps out or our foreign strategy goes awry and war is imminent then it will not matter.

Let’s focus on that which does matter.  I do not mind giving this story attention, but to have it dominate the news cycle for this extensive of a period is borderline crazy.  What are we to do?  How can we get the focus where it needs to be?  We are so emotional and reactive as a society that we cannot have a truce can converse with each other.  It seems an impossible task.  There will be no government to legislate or weigh in on societal impulses and behavior if we do not pick up the broken pieces that are all around us.  May we do so soon and may we set the course before it sets it for us.