The media thrives on contention.  Heck the people that populate this Earth thrive on contention.  Everyone loves to have some drama in their life right?  Well as long as it isn’t our drama that is.  I think to the movie Big Daddy that stars Adam Sandler.  In the movie Adam Sandler has to watch a kid, that is supposedly his, and in one scene he is having a difficult time trying to get the kid to calm down.  To do so he jumps in front of a slow moving car and thus the kid laughs and the problem is solved.  This was a demonstration of the lack of civility that we as human beings possess at times.  Sometimes we just like to see people get hurt and we love to see the drama that ensues.

That is a reason why reality TV is so popular in our modern day world.  We eat it up.  Speaking of a reality show; there is one that is happening in Gainesville, Fl tomorrow.  I am actually rather close to Gainesville and it is interesting to see the reactions that are taking place around here and in the media.  Richard Spencer, self-propelled white nationalist, is coming to Gainesville to speak.  There are many that are upset by this and rightly so and they desire to not have him there.  Now he has his right to free speech and that is the grounds for which he is able to come down to the Sunshine state and give a little talk.

Now a considerable size police force has already been set to service the area and that is to avoid any violence or any other inhumane acts.  People are deplorable at times and therefore the anticipation for something to happen is high.  The news media on a national level is loving this.  They are covering it and this guy is getting a national platform.  Hey we love drama right?  Also I would not be surprised to see that there are those in the media that would love to swing this guy into the Trump camp or to say that he is a product of the way that Trump talks and acts.  That way that would paint all those that follow Trump as racists and incapable of running the country in any manner.

My advice to anyone that is following this event would be to ignore it.  It is a small movement.  I know you hate what they are doing and I do so as well, but they are small and will dwindle out if they are not given the platform that so many are so willing to give to them.  As the famous song goes, “let it be.”  That will never happen though.  There should not be anyone that is protesting the event and there shouldn’t be any media covering it.  The only reason that I would do so would be to show what the face of evil looks like and the face of everything America stands against appears to be.

Richard Spencer is not worthy of our attention.  His drama is not ours and will not be manifested in a greater light if we but let him and his loony followers be.  The police will be there and if they do anything illegal then justice will be served, but until then just sit back and enjoy yourself and do not give them any more fire to fuel their flame.  That’s what I would do anyways.  Go America!