In society we often look for perfect figures to be our role models.  The problem with that is that they do not exist.  There is nobody that is perfect and therefore the search will be in vain.  We forget all too often that when we see someone that we look up to do something wrong.  We also in society will cast people aside when they do something wrong.  Heaven forbid that Tim Tebow do something that is wrong or else the media will have his head.  Now is Tim Tebow perfect?  The answer is no.  Have we ever seen Tebow do anything that would be considered imperfect?  Not really, but we always see the best of people in the media, well most of the times we do.

We have to remember that everyone that is alive on this Earth has things that they deal with.  There are problems that they have that they are trying desperately to solve.  That does not diminish their character in any way, but it actually should give them bonus points for trying to work through whatever mess they are going through.

Now the question arises with all of these celebrities that are being accused and convicted of sexual assault.  What should be done with them?  Basically now they are shunned from society.  They have no role or influence in it any longer and their character is damaged.  We must ask ourselves if they are beyond repair or should we even care?  Many will say that we should not, but they need reform just as much as anyone.  I know that it gets to a certain level of misconduct and sinful behavior that one will opt out of cheering for reform, but I find it sad that their lives can basically be over.

Now I do not feel bad because they did something very wrong and there will be more that are found out that have done wrong as well.  They will be shunned as well and I hope that it is equal on all sides of the aisle.  So many of these people that are coming out are role models and have been for so many.  That is why it is dangerous to invest in people and who they are instead of the principles of truth that they do represent.  Once they go down then it is hard for ourselves to not go down.

That is why we should look for role models, but not worship them.  Their imperfect state will do nothing, but bring us down when it is manifested.  It will cause us to lose a sense of hope within us.  Never trust in man or woman, but do trust in the good that they represent or bring to the table.  People will for the most part tend to dissapoint if you follow them long enough.  One should be wary of this and one should avoid the hero worship that is so prevalent in society.