If I wanted to go out and buy a flat screen TV today then I could do so.  It is not because I have oodles of money to throw at such a device, but because the prices for an object like that have plummeted and no it is not due to government intervention, but it is due to an open competitive and free market.  When flat screen TV’s first came out they were set at a certain price point and that was much higher than they run in our present day.  The companies that made the TV put a price on their TV’s that they thought the market would purchase.  Well there was not a monopoly on TV’s and so other companies came along and undercut the original prices as much as possible.  Then a competition began.  There was a race to see who could be the most profitable at the lowest price point.

Competition is healthy despite what anyone might say.  It is competition that makes us grow and become better.  If a football team played teams that were far inferior to it then they would never learn what their weaknesses were and where they really needed to improve.  There is competition in almost every aspect of our society and in our economic market.  I go into town and I see multiple markets, gas stations, movie theaters, and restaurants.  They are all competing and they set prices on their products and services and then the market, or the people, decide how much they are willing to pay for those goods.

The question that boggles my mind is why we don’t apply this concept to the marketplace of health care.  Why are we forced to buy only a selective healthcare options.  There should be competition and make it where we could purchase across state lines.  That would open up competition and those that offered the best product at the best price would result in getting the greatest amount of customers.  It seems like a simple formula to me.  Why even have businesses offer healthcare to their employees?  Why not have businesses devoted to the trade and have them compete freely against each other to see which one came out on top.

There are many that are in need of healthcare and many that pay for it that have a hard time affording it.  I have personally seen my healthcare go up hundred of dollars a month this past year and there is nothing that I can do about it.  I have this one option and there is not much else.  If only there was an arena to where I could search for other options so that I wouldn’t have to be stuck in the mud and sludge of healthcare.  The government is too busy playing on the emotions and fears of individuals to really look at real solutions, but with such a divide on the Hill and with such a desire to see that they stay in power I don’t anticipate too much good getting done.