A couple days ago Eminem came out with a freestyle rap that was performed at a BET Awards Show.  The rap was totally focussed on Donald Trump and he let loose through cursing, rhyming, and unadulterated language to say how bad he thinks that Trump is and how bad he is for the country.  He referred to him as a racist and a Neo-Nazi and a plethora of other inhibiting adjectives.  Now some of the words may hold a level of truth within them, for I am not the biggest supporter of Donald Trump.  My lack of support does not come from having a liberal soul, but from the fact that I do not believe he is the voice of conservatism and that is where my political ideology ultimately resides.

The left and many that consider themselves liberals have come out in support of Eminem and his rap.  Colin kaepernick, Lebron James, and others have tweeted about the success of the rap and how on point it was.  Oh how quickly we are to forget and how fast do we run to the aid of anyone that is willing to lift a standard with us and bear it to the world.  Have we as a society forgotten the words and the lyrics that have spewed out of Eminem’s mouth over his now considered legendary career?

Eminem has been vicious in his attacks of many people and he has gone after many different groups of people as well.  Those that pride themselves for standing with the left do so on the premise that all should be treated equally.  They were forced this week to disavow the actions of Harvey Weinstein, after it came out that he had sexually assaulted women.  He now will not have a platform nor a friend in the media.  His cause in the public circle and eye is done.  Why is that?  Well it is because he went after women and the left stands for women equality according to all of their professing and especially that women should never be treated as object for men to handle.

Eminem has no track record of mistreating women in this way, but he does sing about it in his songs and he raps about rape and sexual assault and physical assault against women.  How degrading is that?  Maybe he did not commit the act, but he lauded it and glorified it.  One other thing that the left stands for in their platform is the acquiring greater liberty for gays, lesbians, transgenders, and other minorities.  How many times has he gone after them with almost a religious zeal and brought them down with violent and atrocious words?

With all of this there are still media outlets and celebrities alike that will be praising Eminem because he had the gall and the courage to go after Trump.  A more courageous act would be for Eminem to apologize for all the evil that he has let slip from his lips and also for the left to disavow him and say that they cannot stand with a figure that has such a hooded reputation and legacy.  The whole situation is nothing short of hypocritical.  But then again as long as the person is railing against Trump it must be ok right?

Let us not lean on our standards until they break under our weight.  Let us instead lift them up to new heights and to the encouraging of our actions to not betray them.  There should be no hypocrisy in such matters and no one man or woman should be praised for attacking someone for something that they themselves have done.  Let’s take notice America.  Let’s take thought and simple principles and apply them well.  That is all.

Here is the video of Eminem rapping.  It is censored.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LunHybOKIjU&t=117s