The shooting in Las Vegas has rightly caused the stir that it has.  It is being recorded as the deadliest shooting in the history of the United States.  It is horrible and the man behind it can be considered no less than evil.  He action was vile and despicable, cowardly and incomprehensible.  We try to find words to understand such mayhem, but mortal tongue falls short.  Shots are still being fired, but with verbal assault as the blame game begins its ever circular motion.  Those on the left are blaming the right for not doing enough to ban guns and then those on the right say that such banning and legislation would not have an impact.

First of all it should be noted that there should be a sense of sympathy, love, respect, and care during the first days of this tragedy.  There are those that have already characterized the concert attendees as right wing Trump supporters based on the fact that they were attending a country concert.  Some have even gone so far to display another side of evil and resentment by saying that Republicans are facing karma or that this act was a consequence of their inaction or own unintelligence when it comes to banning guns.  There is much to be said on the gun movement in this country and more is yet to be had.  Right now though let’s give peace and let’s give encouragement and ban together and then we can discuss.

I would expound a couple of questions to generate thoughts in the mind.  Assault rifles are looked upon as a means of mass destruction and they surely have the capability to be so in the wrong hands.  The key word in this is being in the wrong hands.  Those that are willfully able to commit such a violent act are not right mentally or emotionally in ever sense of the word.  They cannot be counted on to stop acts of violence depending on the  matter of removing their gun from them.  They are kind of comparable to addicts.  You can take the drink from an alcoholic, but he will go to whatever means necessary in order to fulfill his desire.  When there is a will there is a way.

Also with all the talk of banning assault weapons, which are meant to be used in case there is a tyrannical outbreak by the government, there is much that is missed.  Now the assault weapons can cause the most amount of damage in one outing because of the rapid fire and the easy way to fire.  I believe that the creation of such a horror scene is what causes people to get the most riled up.  If we are to look at it in a tally of loss of total life annually I think there would have to be a fair look at handguns, or smaller guns that do not do as much damage, but yet take the most lives per year.

If we are to be honest we would most likely take a scenario where there is the minimal amount of death.  This being so it will be most wise to go after the guns or weapons that kill the most amount of people.  That would propel this argument to a whole new level and there would ultimately be no end to the banning of guns.  Therefore we should conclude to hold a rational discussion and to be able to get facts and operate on them rather than assumptions.  Assault weapons will be persecuted because of the scary nature of them, but in terms of statistics they are not the most deadly weapon. Let us now mourn and then tackle the behemoth problem that lies before.