It is always apparent when other people are doing wrong.  We find it easy to go outside of our own selves and see the faults in others, but will readily not divulge or entertain the idea that we personally could be exhibiting many of the same patterns and behaviors that we accuse others of.  This is a detrimental and unhealthy part of living and one that requires a remedy to induce a smidgen of humility so as to counteract the digression into a prideful piece of toxic unwontedness.

I articulate this having read a piece by Sean Hannity on his Facebook page.  Do I like Sean Hannity?  I actually do and he was the one that got me into conservatism and for that I applaud him and having listened to him over the years I feel that I have gained a more sound understanding of the roles and the limits of our government.  That being said, I also must say that I have fallen a tad bit out of favor with Hannity due to the unoriginal and statistically driven deja vu shows that he produces on a daily basis.

He is one of the most popular radio and TV show hosts that the right has to offer and therefore his opinion and influence is national and powerful.  He is one that calls out the left and more particularly, CNN, for being a producer of the phenomena known as “Fake News.”  A couple of days ago a story popped up on his Facebook about Nancy Pelosi.  The headline said that Pelosi screamed at her audience that she was speaking to and demanded that they applaud.  I watched the video with a real desire to see this screaming and demanding and to hang my head low at the sight of seeing our politicians swing so low.  I watched it, waited for it, but it never happened.

Pelosi did not scream and she did not demand.  She did ask the audience to applaud, but that is the extent of it.  In other words, Hannity himself produced fake news.  My bet is that many in the comment section, that were spewing hate and vitriol at Pelosi were doing so without even having watched the video.  They see the headline and then they associate it with their already contrived feelings that they have for her and then the settlement is made and then they spread the fake news to their friends.  This is dangerous and the recipe for a more close minded society.

Now many will say, “It’s Pelosi and she has done plenty of stuff like this before even if she didn’t do it this one time.”  Well that is all fine and dandy and those should be the times that we are focussing on.  There are plenty of ideological errors and mistruths that Pelosi vomits at the mouth and we don’t need to go applying falsehoods to her speech because there are already so many to pull from.

We on the right have to be better than that.  We can’t judge and then throw the rocks at the same time.  It’s unethical and wrong.  We must verify our sources.  So many times I see quotes that are posted that have apparently come from people on the left and I look them up and they are false.  We have to be above that for if we dip in the sludge of lies and deceit then we are no better off and our party will fail.

Some might not see this as tragic or a big deal, but I see it as a slippery slope to a more progressive and hateful part and when I say progressive I refer to the negative light that Democrats have shed on the word.  Hate will divide and truth will set us free.  Just google something before you share it.  You can find the truth of it in a matter of seconds.  Truth always wins in the end.