It is easy to argue against the politicians that are in office and a president of another party while he/she is in office.  That is a move that anyone can make and can sound good making it.  Heck, that is what Trump did and it got him elected into public office.  That is a move that the Democrats now make as Trump is dolling out his agenda, or what is left of it anyway.  Trump has to now put his money and his action where his mouth has been. Well who really knows exactly where that mouth has been?

Trump has to stay good to his promises or the people will rebel against him.  I would hope they would anyway.  Maybe they would still follow him and party politics and the lines that it has conjured will become even more skewed and similar.  The talk as of late has been on providing relief for the victims of Harvey and also raising the debt ceiling. Trump sided with the Democrat leaders to keep the government open and to avoid a shut down, but at the cost of continually raising the debt ceiling, an action that he vehemently opposed on the campaign trail.

Some Republicans and loyal Trump supporters will see this as an amazing thing because Trump is sticking it to the leaders of the Republican party, who refute the idea of debt ceiling talk.  Just because Trump is supporting it does not mean that it is a good thing.  It’s a very bad thing.  Conservatives always pounced on the Democrats for encouraging such action and now that the Republicans have the power, which no one party should have, they are looking to practically do the same thing even if they are not all on board.

This puts us in a dilemma as a country and once again proves that the two party system is all in all just one party, but with different people.  They do that which is the same and there is no change that occurs in the name of that which is just and right.  The can is continually kicked down the road and our economy is stifling under the weight of the debt that strangles it daily.  There has been no true recovery and there looks to not be one.

The economic recovery under Obama was a staged act that under the guise of an illusion seemingly repaired the economy.  It was a lie and more money was pumped into the economy and the Federal Reserve continued to manipulate the currency and still does so today.  I can hope that things will change, but experience tells me otherwise.  Trump is already touting amazing economic numbers, which I kind of find amusing seeing that he has only been in office a few months.  A nod to a healthy economy would almost be the same as giving some props to Obama since he was the one that was in office not too long ago and many of his policies were and are in play.

Let’s sum this up by pledging that we will stand on principles and not by people.  People will fail us time and time again.  If Trump does something that is not lawful or that is not economically wise, may we be courageous enough to stand up and declare that he is wrong and not let party lines blur our vision.  That will be the way to true prosperity and only if we are liberty loving and brave enough to do so.