Texas is getting hit with record setting rain.  52 inches have poured without mercy upon the people of small to major cities.  The pictures are so devastating.  The interviews with family are heart breaking.  CNN, thanks to their lack of decorum, can testify to that account.  It’s a disaster of epic proportion and it only continues to get worse day in and day out for so many different people.  Looking at all of this brings me to the two conclusions.

Point # 1:  It is hard to emphasize with someone when you are not in the middle of what they are going through.  A person that is addicted to alcohol cannot really be related to by those that do not know what kind of struggle that really is.  The same is true for the storm.  If you are not in the middle of the storm then chances are, if you have never experienced something like this, you cannot began to realize what they are going through.  People have lost their homes and schools and churches.  So much is gone and I personally am heart broken over it, but I still cannot even begin to fathom the weight of the burden that they are carrying now.

I decidedly do not want to make it about politics, but this is a great example of how we need to try and understand what people are going through.  That is what creates empathy  in the hearts and souls of human beings.  That empathy is what leads to action. By having an attempt at understanding what people are going through we can then begin to help.  The same is true with the hurricane victims as it is with the different groups that we disagree with or that might oppose our own personal beliefs.

Point # 2:  We are honestly so very small and just a speck in the universe.  Looking at these big cities that have been created by man and seeing them completely covered in water after just one event leads me to see how very small we are.  Even the greatest of man’s creation’s is but dross in the scheme of the universe.  Realizing this compels me to look beyond my own capacity and my own making and being and search the vastness of the universe.  That which I come in contact with upon doing so is God.  He is the greatest. He is perfect in all aspects and the One that can truly deliver us from all the pain and torment that we pass through.

Aide and relief will come and save us temporally from our fellow man, but it is our God that saves us forever and even though this site is created with the intent to make political and philosophical points, how can I not escape the fact that I must give credit to God for I will one day along with everyone else stand before Him.  We are so small, though we oft time consider ourselves to be larger than life.  It is that humility that will save us and that will bring the peace and accord that we seek for in this life.  May it ever be so and may we extend a hand of peace to those that are suffering right now no matter what walk of life they come from.