There is so much hate and divide in the country and in the world.  Hurricane Harvey might have proven that there is just as much good, if not more, than the evil that is on display daily through the news cycle.  There have been many reports of people from all walks of life that have extended their hand of service toward their fellow man to aid them in rescue and recovery and it has been a marvelous and blessed thing to see.

I have seen many pictures of people carrying others through troubled waters and driving boats to those that need rescuing.  My Facebook has been bombarded with calls and invitations to donate to the relief effort and celebrities are making the same call.  Literally different genders, races, and cultures are coming together to make relief and aid possible and it is a beautiful thing to see.

The damage is devastating, but we need to be above that.  We do not leave anyone behind that is struggling or that is in need.  That should be our motto and our creed. It is sad, but it usually takes a destructive force to bring us all together.  Whenever there is a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, like 9/11, we have shown great resolve and the ability to lift and strengthen each other.  This is what America really is and needs to be.

We should always allow for disagreement and discord, but it should never turn violent and hateful and that has been the case way too much lately.  We are all affected by great tragedies and they should be a constant reminder of the courage and the bravery that is within all of us.

Now of course there are going to be those that are going to take advantage of the situation and politicize it or rip people apart and there will be those that put a negative spin on the situation, but let us not be a part of that. Politics does not matter right now.  Not when there is a hurricane to take care of.  There should be no politics in that arena.  Let us continue to talk about how to improve the economy, our foreign affairs, and the other disastrous aspects of our country, but let us not be hateful in times of need.  That is what truly makes America great!