The title is nothing but click bait right?  If only.  Click bait is a tool to garner the attention of the less fortuned of mind and discovery.  I do not wish to engage in such an unceremonious tendency that many media outlets, both that are composed of the right and left of politics, get into.  I wish to inform and connect the dots.  Venezuela is heralding a crap economy right now.  They are in ruins.  Hyper inflation has stung their progress with the needle of poison and decimation has followed suit.  Medicine is hard to come by, people are breaking into zoos so that they can kill animals for food, and even toilet paper is in such a low supply that its service has entered the realm of the black market.  So where do we come in?

Donald Trump issued a statement concerning Venezuela and his desire to see their situation improve.  He said that he will not role out a military option either.  In essence he is saying that they will forcefully take control of the economy via surrogates, or rather the people that they feel are the best for the job and they will remove those that are not so on board with progress.  Venezuelan’s president has struck back at Trump and claimed that he will rally his military in favor of his defense and that they will oppose any military action on the part of America.

Recently a rally was held in Venezuela where thousands gathered and championed this very cause.  But it’s just Venezuela right?  How can we be scared into submission by such a small and fragile country?  They have friends and one friend on the list is seemingly Putin from Russia.  Thus Russia can find itself involved in the backing of Venezuela to the same degree that it has favored Syria.  All of a sudden one countries poor economic state becomes the worry of the world and a global catastrophe ensues.  The hope would be that it would never get to this point, but here’s to hoping.

The point that I would make is that our world is a shrinking one and this has become paramount with the advent of technology.  We are all connected and allies and foes are more a part of each others lives than we would like to have for comfort’s sake.  There are many that pay attention to the news or that seek out daily happenings around the world and this is an episode that epitomizes the importance of doing so.  Some might not care what happens in Venezuela, but it in reality can have a real world impact on the decisions and lifestyle that we enjoy here and now.

It’s good to be aware and it’s best to do so objectively and with a conduit to an open mind.  Be self reliant in learning and burn the notion of talking points.  They aid to entertain and to defame, but they come out in open defiance of the principle of intelligence.  Take heed to knowledge and apply it and garner such knowledge from a plethora of sources and intelligence shall be your reward.  Ignorance has only bred negativity and hate.  Intelligence and knowledge properly applied is the gateway to avoidance.