When America was founded the technology and the advancement that existed, while compared to today, was very subpar.  Communication and transportation and military strategies and weapons were still hankering around with the likes of that which could be found in the primitive Earth.  Sure some advancement had been made, but it nowhere finds a footing with the last couple hundred years that we have experienced as a human race.  The world has grown in economic, military, and technological means in the past couple hundred years than it did in the previous thousands of years.  It isn’t even close. The growth in social science can’t seem to manufacture that same kind of growth though and why is that?

Point # 1:  Socially speaking we are not better off than we were two hundred years ago. Well one could argue that we have more civil liberties and there is equality across the board and therefore the social scene that is represented in American is quite advanced. I would defer the thought to a trash can.  The idea is garbage that we are socially better off.  Have there been improvements?  Yes there have, but ultimately we find ourselves in an exercise to see how quickly we could become like Rome with all of our sexual perversions in its many other forms that taint our society.  We have a level of censorship that makes us look child like to other countries, but yet we find comfort and a level of enjoyment in the media that is shoved in our faces.  The sexuality, language, and ludicrous acts that we see in entertainment are a stain on our nation and depict the kind of beings that we strive to be.

But wait!  There needs to be free expression.  Well if it comes at the cost of virtue, purity, and morality then it is not very free now is it.  Drugs and alcohol and smoking are a torrent that plagues the youth of the country and binds them in chains in their adulthood.  Addictions run rampant and marriages are failing like never before.  The institution of the family is in decay and the role of parent is becoming more and more government centered.  One does not have to look far to see a low level of decency being portrayed.  The zoo is being overrun.

Do I judge?  No.  It might sound like it, but I don’t.  We are creatures of weakness, blinded by our own false ambitions and quest for comfort.  We seek joy in temporal matters and become distraught when the favor is not reciprocated.  Only an eternal substance or matter can grant that peace that we find.

Point # 2:  Socially we are slipping because there is less and less room for God in our loves.  The one eternal being that can offer peace and happiness is rejected and replaced by the all aforementioned items and therefore His place is becoming more null and void by the day.  We have to keep God.  There are those that don’t believe in a supreme being, but there can be no argument made that the justice and morality that is perpetuated by those that herald a God like being is a sufficient and the most effective way to live.  If such principles are always adhered to then there could be no cliff side jump into chaos and our society would stay afloat.

The social has not kept pace with the physical and will not if we do not base our actions in morality and only morality can equate to equality.  There is no legislative process that can govern people into a sort of subjection that leads people to love and to cherish the opposition that they face in the forms of hate and radical groups.  Love is eternal and can only be produced from that which is eternal.  That which transcends both time and space and it is not so much a matter of “that” but of “whom”