That title comes off a little Sarah Palinesque, but I’ll roll with it.  There is really no talk about balancing the economic budget that of the federal government.  There have been talks about reforming the tax code and that is a hopeful item that will appear on the Trump agenda in the near future, but right now we are staring down the barrel of a loaded gun and it is pointed straight at our economy.  We are in a mess as we have accumulated 20 trillion dollars in borrowed money and are in no position to pay that money back.  It’s alright though because we can keep borrowing right?  Wrong.  There is going to come a time where the buck will stop and any economic progress will stop as well.

It’s a big shell game.  The recession happened a few years back and we still have not really recovered from that.  How can we if our debt continues to climb and our deficit runs us weary and ragged.  Our economy can be compared to the walkers that are found on the walking dead.  They move slow, but once they catch you then you are toast and zombie food.  It is going to catch us all very soon.  Congress cannot even submit a balanced budget.  They fall short in everything.  There are no heroes hardly anymore and Congress is full of promises, but cannot deliver.  It’s comparable to eating a donut with no cream filling.

We are in the talks of trying to form a balance budget, but that seems like it will not be the case again and we will continue to raise the debt ceiling.  There is a plan to require Congress to submit a balanced budget, but it can’t get past the states to have it ratified.  They need a total of 38 states to make it happen, but right now there are only five that are on board.  They can preach all day about how they care, but if they cannot submit such a budget then their actions are speaking louder than their words.

If any other individual or family lived equally to how they spend their money then they would be laid to waste and broke and no room for recompense.  The government operates within its own bounds, which walls and barriers we cannot even began to penetrate.  The government should have no power to do that which an ordinary citizen cannot do or act beyond the power that its citizens have granted it.  They continue to do so and we are the victims.

Presidents of the past will not be held accountable.  They ran up the budget and then high tailed it out of the office and now are living the life.  Too many are suffering as inflation attacks and insurance rates continue to soar.  That’s okay though for Congress because they will have no need to hurry for they do not feel the weight of the economic impact that other Americans do.  We can clamor all day about social issues, but the economic ones are of the greatest import and if not taken care of then there will be no attempt at social reform for society would have already fallen.