Lately it has become a popular idea, or at least it is a popular one through media mandate, to call for the destruction or removal of statues that are affiliated with the Confederacy from the Civil War era.  In a recent poll it was actually shown that there are more people that believe that the statues should be left alone, but the media would have you believe otherwise.  Their game is to suck up to all those that they feel are in opposition to Trump so that they might diminish his presidency and the movement of any political ideology that comes from the right.  How much longer shall such calls stand?  How long will they continue for and the madness of wiping history away last? A couple points on the matter.

Point # 1:  Removing statues does not change history nor can it really put people at peace. Erasing physical objects changes the environment, but it cannot change what happened. There was a war and slavery was a big part of the war and there were those that had slaves in this country and many of them were leaders of the genesis of our country and that is just fact.  We cannot erase their memory from the history pages and expect to feel better about ourselves.  Were there deeds just in slavery?  No.  Slavery is a repugnant and a deplorable action and should never be allowed to flourish or be enacted in any form in any society.  At least those men and women that were at the helm of this founding nation gave us the opportunity to live in a society and under a government that can change such circumstances.

There have been many depraving and immoral acts that have come from the breadth of the government and what is past is past and should be remembered.  Many groups have been affected by the injustice of the government, but it will do us good to remember that injustice.  Not all statues are for honoring, but they are for remembrance as well.

Point # 2:  Those that want to take these statues down are not aiming to do so and then to put an end to their work.  No, they won’t stop until their injustice is satisfied and it will never be so and therefore their work will continue on.  They will go after the Constitution next.  Why would we want to live under the rule of a document that was written by slave owners right?  That will be their call and it will not be a just one.  That very document gives them strength and ability to even make such a call.  Oh that they could understand that word is different in truth than from the person that represents it. We all represent our “truths” in one way or another, but the fact is that we are not perfect and therefore cannot do our truths justice all of the time.

Those men were, many of them, slave owners, but that does not relinquish the truths that are in the Constitution and what it represents and that is that all men are free.  There is a process to amend it, but there will be those that go after it all and then if they are successful the whole dynamic of the country will change.  It will change because good men and women will not stand up for it out of fear of being politically incorrect and racially motivated.

Donald Trump was the man that was going to lead such a charge and he is one that does not concur with political correctness, but his moral compass is a downfall.  Let us not lean on him, but altogether lean on truth with him and with all other lovers of freedom and virtue and this country can remain free and become even more free than the tyrannical legislation that it has imposed in recent years.  Take up the charge ye freeman and know truth.  There will be no end from those on the left until the country is completely remade in their image.