If I were to walk up to somebody that was on the street and I punched them what do you think that the consequence would be?  If they were still physically able, which is a good chance because my punches are not that great, they would most likely retaliate against me either by fighting back or seeking for law enforcement to protect their rights that had just been violated.  There surely would be anger and confusion and a spike of other negative emotions within that person.  It is a cause and effect kind of deal.  There are physical and temporal instances that we can easily point to that have natural consequences.  It is law.  When you drop something it falls for example.  There are natural effects and just like the instance describe above their are natural emotional reactions as well and they are difficult to control.

I think about this because of the hate inspired actions and speech that are being demonstrated by those on the right and those on the left.  I hate that we even have to categorize ourselves into two political factions, but that is the butt of our society.  There is hate and anger and violence on both sides and these actions are having negative consequences and they are naturally occurring.  When one group spews hate, it causes the other to retaliate in a more severe fashion.  Revenge and pride are in effect and the rage is a demon that is almost uncontrollable.  The violence and hate filled rhetoric will continue to spread if there is not more love that is put into the equation.

We are so pitted against each other that there is no clear vision.  The person on the other side of the aisle is always wrong no matter what they say or do and their words can be easily twisted and misconstrued.  No side wants to give in and say where they are wrong because it is perceived as a sign of weakness, but in reality it is a sign of strength through humility.  Being active in pride keeps a group or an individual centered on self and when one is completely centered on self then they are ignorant to the situations and the circumstances that surround them.  This is a natural effect of pride.

The head of the free word should be a beacon of hope and inspiration and especially one that demonstrates humility.  I am not so convinced that Trump can show forth that kind of behavior because he is so anti political correctness, though that is not bad to be, that he does act as if he can’t apologize because that would be giving legitimacy to the opposition.  We are too busy pointing out flaws and weaknesses in others that we cannot see our own. Pride has destroyed nations and civilizations and individuals throughout history and we are next on the chopping block.