Can there be an end to the violence and the hateful rhetoric that is exhibited by many classes of people?  I fear not and I long for civil discord and debate and discussion, but that seems to be far from the moment of time that we are living in.  Where is the love?  I feel you Black Eyed Peas on that one.  Protesters took to Durham, North Carolina, following the tragic events in Virginia, to stage their own protest and eventually they pulled down a statue that was to commemorate the confederate soldiers that served during the Civil War.  Protesters were heard to be chanting, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!”  There are a few problems with this.

Point # 1:  We do not live in a society that calls for an eye for an eye.  We have a system of justice that puts men and women on trial when they usurp or disobey the law.  The pulling down of this statue was an act of violation against that system as they took justice into their own hands.  They wanted to get even or show their strength after what happened in Virginia, but this is not a remedy.  Being violent and angry in return that is manifested in physical lashing out against public property is a crime and the people that participated should be tried for what they did, but I doubt that such a case would ever see the light of day.

Point # 2:  Not all that fought in the Civil War on the part of the Confederacy advocated for slavery and for the submission of black men and women.  There were those that fought that did not own slaves, nor did they care to do so or support slavery.  There were many more issues at play than to simply blanket the reasoning for the war and say that all that were in the South were racists and slavery lovers.  That statue is not a representation of slavery and the left would have you think that it is.  If that were the case then we should tear down all that commemorates the DNC for they were the party that were in opposition to the Civil Rights era.

Point # 3:  Similar to the second point, I must mark out that those that chanted that Trump should be brought down along with the KKK are ignorant and servants of the political elite.  They are not intelligent on the matter if they think that Trump is a supporter of the KKK or that all those that are conservative or on the “right” are racists. Such remarking is the semblance of a brain dead being that cannot conjure sense enough to direct them properly through life.  All that are in America should stand against the KKK and white supremacy or the supremacy of any other race that is exhibited or promoted.  All of this is only a puppet show being put on by those with big mouths and high chairs that can dictate change with the issuing of a pen and a blank check.

Race relations are deteriorating.  I blame Obama and those that advocated for the destruction of property, either by public remarks or by their silence.  They allowed supposed injustices to be played out in public in a way that tarnished and destroyed innocent property and we are seeing much of the repercussions of those acts displayed today.  Those on the right, even President Trump have used anger to advance messages and their agenda and such is folly as well.  We all need to look inside and see humanity instead of the outer layer of a human being and maybe then we can have some peace and some progress.  Until then, this will never end.