Rosa Parks lived decades ago, but the memory that she has left our nation is legend.  She took actions that were bold and not common and that were even dangerous.  She did not like the way that she, nor her people, were being treated and so she took a stand by taking a seat.  Colin Kaepernick made headlines on a weekly basis the sitting that he took during the singing of the national anthem.  He did not stand to honor the flag for he felt that his people were being mistreated.  Marshawn Lynch took a similar stand today by sitting down during the anthem.

Point # 1:  The coverage of this has gotten out of hand.  There debate over whether it is right or wrong no longer has merit in my eyes because ultimately it is not a criminal think to do and what they are doing is justified by the legal system in our country.  It is comparable to a high school student not wanting to stand up or say the pledge in the classroom.  They are allowed to do so and though there are many that disagree with it, they cannot do anything to deter them from the actions that they are taking.  So covering this problem over and over again and especially getting mad and angry over the situation does not do any good really.  If they want to sit then let them sit and move on.  If you do not want to watch it then move on and let your voice be heard through the ratings.

Point # 2:  Though the actions they are taking are similar to that of Rosa Parks because they are standing up for something they believe in, we need to understand that race relations are better off today then they were during her time.  It is illegal to treat members of different races differently and if there is a case of that happening then we as a society should band together and make sure those that are culpable are held accountable.  Now is there racism in America?  Yes.  It is not that prevalent in the public and if there are instances then please let me know and I’ll speak against them immediately.

Point # 3:  Instead of yelling at each other or just getting mad because someone sits why don’t we try to see where they are coming from first and see if there are concerns that could be worked out that they have.  I had a kid in high school that slept all the time in class.  Some would yell at him to wake up so that he can learn, but what they didn’t know is that he had a horrible home life and sleep was difficult and so he always came to school tired.  There are always things beneath the surface that we might not see by looking on the situation from the outside and a change of perspective can be just as relieving as a breath of fresh air.

Point # 4:  For those that do sit during the national anthem there is a kind of irony involved.  They are not showing honor to those that have died for them so that they could sit down and ignore the anthem.  They may be dissatisfied with how people act in the country and they have a right to be in many instances, but that is not a stigma that can be attached to America.  If some people in my church acted in a way that was problematic or idiotic then that should not be a reflection on the church.  Sitting down during the anthem gets your voice out and that is about all the good it does.  Why dishonor those that are Veterans that have fought for these rights when it does nothing to dishonor those that you truly have a problem with?

There are always things we can do to make race relations better, but there are also many times that there are false calls of racism and that can be problematic as well.  We can’t look at things and ideas and situations in such extremes.  Just because someone is white and a conservative does not mean they hate black people and want old people to die and just because someone is black or a liberal does not mean they are bigots and hypocrites. We must never judge by labels, but judge individually and seek out others with an open mind.  Are there some that you will never be able to get through to?  Yes.  There are those on the right and the left that are so extreme that they cannot see past their own party label and that is sad and they believe the only solution is one of anarchy.  Those are the ones that need to be opposed and those are the ones that we can stand up, or sit down against.