So much of the problems that we have in society in our day is that people have the wrong outlook on life.  Our outlook is based in our experiences and what have been taught and we have only experienced negative practices then we are most likely to think that way and view the world that way.  Our mind is where our power lies and our ability to move forward or digress downward.

James Allen, in 1904, wrote an astonishing philosophical book that detailed the power of the mind and to unlock it.  The book is called, “As You Think.”  It is more than just a generalized writing about the power and influence that the mind has over our life, but it also delves into specificity as to what we can do in order to have access to the full power of the mind.

People are continually held back because of their entitlement mentality and feeling that the world owes them something.  Other emotional feelings connect with the mind as well in a tag team effort to digress the soul with weapons such as anxiety, depression, and addiction.  In order to have these negative practices overcome one needs to learn how to properly exercise their mind.  Upon doing so a new world will illuminate with new paths to take that will lead to a more exalted mortal state.

The book is not a long one and I knocked it out in about three hours.  There were many times that I had to stop and think about what I had just read though and I could have spent even longer reading it.  It is more than just a book, but rather a textbook that guides and instructs into a better life.  It is written in great simplicity as well so that most will be able to understand its reasonings and hypothesis.

I recommend this book for all and especially those that carry with them a negative outlook on life.  It will aid in transforming the mind and hence the life of the individual that adheres to its practices.  It is not an end all to be all, but rather a good starter toward a life long mental progression and the journey will be life long.  This kind of change is not the type that changes someone overnight and then they are good to go.  It will take effort and time and care, but it will be worth it.