I want to make a point and I want to make it clear and I am trying my best to not write out of anger because I want to have a clear mind and I want to be able to clearly express my beliefs on this matter.  I am conservative in nature, but do not fear to call out the right if they are in the wrong and there are many times where they might be, but I must say that one thing that they are not guilty of is being violent.  That is a lie that is perpetuated by the media and they would have the country and the world believe that those that are on the right side of politics are hateful and violent and that they want others to suffer in their wake.  That is not true and those that are deceived by this lie are in dire straights for their path in an erroneous and ignorant one.

Do not fall for this notion and I write to this because the group, ANTIFA, attacked a group of Trump supporters that were gathering in peace and were not even in the form of protest.  ANTIFA supporter came upon the group in dressed in cowardice and masks and began to berate and annoy and even some threw punches.  The video is featured below and it is clearly evident that while these harassments were developing, those that had gathered in peace still tried to exude peace and they did their best to back up and hold their own back, while those that spit venom and vitriol sprayed them and threw sucker punches.  In other words they exhibited behavior that would be applied to the so called “scum of society.”

This occurs and other violent protest have come before where town were savaged and property assailed, but yet those on the right are the ones that are violent.  They are the ones that want to harm others and are racists and bigoted.  These falsehoods have laid damage to our society and to our nation and I see it only escalating.  Those on the right are not violent in nature, but if pushed too far how can they not be expected to be?  How can they refrain from punches when they are continually assaulted in word and deed?

Thugs in masks have showed their colors.  Politicians and the media have incited this violence and they do so out of justification for their progress and their platform and because they have felt like they have been wronged so dearly.  Grow up!  They are children with a pulpit and clubs in their hands.  They will have blood on their hands and will not stand accountable for justice is blind to this matter and political correctness has stiffened the arm of the law.

I continually preach peace and discourse, but time and time again it has been made plainly evident that those on the far left do not want any of it.  They want to eliminate the opposition rather then stand up to it because they are fearful cowards.  They want to impeach and fire a president without cause and any one that would come after him. They will not win.  Hate knows no victory and their progress is inhibited by their own actions as they breed their own demise.  Stand for liberty and stand for truth and you will prevail.  Natural law declares it so.