Kellyanne Conway was interviewed by former Hillary Clinton backer George Stephanopoulus and Conway engaged in her best game of dodge ball.  George brought up contradictions from the Trump team over whether President Trump had any participation in the release of the statement that his son had put out that involved his meeting that he had with those from Russia.  Now let me say that this is not a post to demonize Trump nor the leftists, but rather I write this for the intent of specifically pointing out a strategy that politicians and those in the media use.

During the interview and after the question was raised as to whether Trump had lied concerning his involvement in the statement Conway sought to dodge the question and did not answer it directly.  Of course Stephanopoulus continued to pursue it as any journalist, if you want to give him that credit, would.  I think that it was a legitimate question to ask as well.  After pressing without any luck for a minute or so and after Conway was playing dodge the bullet Stephanopoulus finally let out a cry for her to just tell the “truth.”  That was the exit that Conway was looking for.

You see, as I mentioned before politicians do not like controversy and will dodge any question that they feel is unfit and not worthy of their consideration.  You will see this happen all the time in debates and it leaves us as viewers furious because we want the one that we are opposing to get pinned down so bad as to give our guy/girl more credibility.  When the word truth was mentioned Conway jumped on it quickly and went off on Obama and Hillary and the lies that they told.  Now that is fair right?  Well it is only fair after you have finished answering the question that you have been asked.

So here is my point.  Whenever you are having a political discussion with someone and you are trying to prove your point, you have to be very selective about the word that you use and the amount of information that you are putting out.  You want to make one good point at a time and then discuss that and do not move forward until that is resolved.  Sometimes people will make multiple claims and the claims with the least amount of credibility will get the most attention so that your opponent will find an out.

For example:  One might be debating a loyal Obamaite and they might bring up the fact that he said that if you like your doctor then you can keep them under the ACA.  Well that is a good topic to discuss and to deliberate upon and one that will have your the opposer squirming, but if in the same breath you bring up that Obama was probably not even a natural citizen of the USA then they will just focus on that point, which is less credible to argue.  You get it?

Basically choose your topics and your words wisely or else you are going to be talking about something that you do not have much ground to stand on.  Watch any interview and you will see a copious amount of examples of this very things of which I speak.  Politicians and the like are slimy, sneaky, and advantageous.  Don’t give them or your opponents and room to breathe.