When I started this site I made a vow to myself that I would never write about Lena Dunham.  Well I’m not perfect and so I have broken my vow and I even put her name in the title.  Spare me the stares and the derogatory comments for my soul has already been rent in twain.  There are a couple of really key points that I wanted to make though about a recent Dunham story that just came out by Lena herself.  Lena was flying American Airlines when she overheard, reportedly I might add, two of the flight attendants talking and they were talking about transgender people in an unpleasant way.

She of course was not happy with this and therefore she went to the same instrument that our very president uses to issue out new order, bans, and decisions, Twitter.  She tweeted out the things that they had said which included, “trans kids are a trend they’d never accept a trans child and transness is gross.”

Now this is Dunham’s side of the story and of course American Airlines did their due diligence and issued a statement claiming that they were going to investigate the matter further.  They have to do so to save face, but all in all I’m sure nothing will come of it. Even if they are to find the two attendants that made the comments, if they even did, what is to keep them from denying it?  All in all it is just a story that appears in the headlines almost daily to rial up the victim crowd and to display that all Americans that are not liberals are evil, stupid, and non progressive.

Point # 1: If the quotes are true then they need to be avoided.  Plain and simple.  The one about it being a trend not so much because there could be an argument and an intelligent debate could be had over that line of thought.  To say that those that are transgender is gross does nothing for nobody.  Honestly what does a person even gain for themselves to make a comment of that nature and plus it only enlarges the imaginative stockpile of ammunition used by the left.  You would be literally be calling someone gross because you do not agree with the way that they act and you are entitled to say that, but at the same time it is ignorance.

Life is a journey and we are all discovering ourselves.  Those that are transgender might not always be.  Those that are Catholic might not always be.  People have different experiences in life and the way that they act in the moment does not define how they are always going to be.  That is why we should not hate on anybody for that very cause.

Point # 2:  Yes we are all entitled to free speech and that liberty granted to us is one of the reasons why this country is so great, but there is a line that is drawn when it comes to a work place environment and conversations between two people that are private still need to be censored to some degree because an employee is a direct representation of their employer.  An employer has the right to have you dress and act a certain way because that is becoming of their entity.  That business is their property and as an employee you are a full time promoter of that product.

Now there is some gray area here as well and I do admit that.  What if a football player was walking by and they heard an attendant say, “Oh my gosh, football players are so gross.”  Would anybody be offended by that statement?  No of course not and not even football players.  But what if we get to that point one day and football players become one of these “victim groups” and then we have to watch what we say about them or face public backlash?

What even makes a victim group victims is the real question.  The qualifications for such seem to be that you have to be a minority of the population and that others will have to say mean and spiteful things and treat you differently.  Well football players seem to fit that standard now and so maybe we should consider what we say about them.

All in all we, as a people, have to take care of how far we take this or in reality we are not going to have freedom of speech and we are going to be in a censored society where everyone is offended.  We should teach from an early age to not so easily get offended, but also couple that with standing up for yourself.  So there I wrote about Lena Dunham, but I kind of didn’t in a way as well and so I feel justified.