Those that are in the military and consider themselves to be transgender just recently received the word, via tweeting nonetheless, that they are no longer going to be able to serve in the military.  I am a conservative.  Yeah that’s right I’m on the side of those that oppose all things race and sex. (sarcasm noted) I am not part of the transgender movement, but I do find problems with this recent decree from President Trump.  I can see where he is coming from.  By my understanding he wants this done because it is a financial and emotional burden that the military does not want to bear.  In this sense I can agree.  War is hell right?  War is not for everybody and the United States can only have those that are in its army that are fully there and fully committed to serve, fight, and protect.

I respect that as a citizen and I respect all those that serve based on their service and the courage that they manifest.  I also want to applaud and give a “here, here” for those that are transgender and that have served in the military and that are currently serving.  I empathize with your struggle and with what you are experiencing now, though recognizable to a much lesser of a degree.  You have fought and served to protect me and my rights and those of my family and I am in your debt for that.

Now the issue at hand.  The military should not cover any medical expense for a transgender person that involves them getting the treatment for changing their sex.  Whether this be physical, emotional, mental or what have you I do not agree with this.  That is tax payer money that is used to support us fighting against our enemies and the preparations for that and should only be used for those purposes.  To me that money is sacred.  Now it appears to be a general rule that if you are not emotionally prepared or equipped then you will be discharged from the army.  The same way that if you were not physically apt to serve.  This seems to be the reason for the transgender discharge as well.

My question overall then would be, why make this public and why are the transgender being singled out?  Bottom line:  If a person is unfit to serve for whatever capacity then that should be dealt with privately and within the military ranks.  President Trump did not call out or single out any other group that is struggling mentally or emotionally.  He did not say if you are experiencing marital or financial problems then you cannot serve for you are not emotionally capable enough to handle the load that will be on your shoulders.  There is no reason to say that because the military handles that kind of stuff privately.

All in all the point that I would make would be that if you are transgender and you are not going through any physical or other type of transformation that the military and the tax payer will have to cover and you are emotionally fit to serve then you should serve and I am sure that you will do great.  The same statement that I say to transgender I would say to all and that is if you are not physically or mentally able to serve then don’t and there is no need to single out any group or make a public display on the matter.  That is my thought and the right thing in my mind to do.