Talking to children about sex and gender can be a tricky thing.  It seems that it is a conversation that many people avoid for as long as possible.  I really don’t see the value in this and a child needs to be taught, I believe around the age of 10 because that is when there body is going to be experiencing some changes.  Also at that age there are children that are going to already be talking about sex and I wouldn’t want my children to get sex education from a fellow classmate when they had probably received it from an ill advised source.  I think the way that the media and entertainment portray talking to children about sex is really flawed.  It is usually done in a comedic sort of environment where the parents are freaking out about it and they feel totally uncomfortable about the whole situation.

Surely viewing material such as this has an impact on the way that we view the situation and might instill fear within us that it could go horribly wrong.  Well that should not be the case and one thing that the Democratic Party, or those on the left, have right is that they talk about sex openly and treat it as a natural way of life and something that should not be uncomfortable to talk about.  Where they go wrong is when they start to embody the philosophy that the Romans had and they become to liberal with sex and saying that anything basically goes as long as that is how you feel and that can create some unhealthy lifestyles.

Parents should be the ones that have the talk with their children about sex and gender, but there are many times where there are no parents or the parents just are not supportive of their children and so that never occurs and this is one of the reasons why public schools take it upon themselves to teach children about the biology of the human being and puberty and sex.  I remember going through the course, but I can remember hardly anything from it except for the fact that they gave us Frosted Flakes as a snack and my friend spilt his all over the floor.

There are other organizations that attempt to instruct about sex and gender and most notable is Planned Parenthood.  Now PP is a political arm of the Democratic Party and the picture is well painted that conservatives do not align with many of the values that PP propagates.  On their webpage they have a section labeled, “How do I talk with my pre schooler about identity?”  That is a good question and one should use sources when confronted with the issue, but I take issue with the approach that PP takes.  They want to talk about gender and identity and instruct children that their physical features does not necessarily make them a man or a woman, boy or a girl.

On their webpage they give tips to parents to know if their child is transgender or not and so on.  It seems as the gender identity movement is making it where people are hoping that there child is transgender and they are more than ready to celebrate it.  Now conservatives could learn more on how to handle such situations and about loving and always being there for your child even if they decide to walk this path, but liberals have taken it too far and I think the whole conversation is turned on its head.

Science plainly tells us that if you have a penis than you are a boy and if you have a vagina then you are a girl.  That should be the scientific term for each sex.  That is your sex and that is human anatomy and we are constructed like puzzle pieces so that our physical parts match up with each other.  Anything else is not natural.  This is the science.  Now I do not see the point with a boy wanting to be labeled as a girl or vice versa.  Are they saying that on an emotional level or a physical one?  Our physical features do not determine who we are and the type of person we are.  No, not one bit.  And so I do not even see the reason to find a label for people to accurately depict the kind of person you are.  You are who you are and that’s that.

Getting past the physical aspect of it all, why does there need to be labels?  If you want to behave a certain way and interact with other in a certain emotional and personal way then be that person.  Changing your body parts does not change you.  You are who you are and you do not need a label for that.  Girls are not constructed to only like pink and play with dolls and boys are not manufactured to play with army men and beat each other up.  We are all different and this is where the debate should be focussed.  All are equal with equal rights.  It is only our physical make up that changes from gender to gender.