Social issues have dominated headlines, blogs, articles, and media outlets for years now. the economy and the military have taken a back seat and all talk is centered around who is a victim and what we can do to prevent it.  These are really areas on concern and ones that need to be addressed.  I am considered to be on the right when it comes to political ideology, though I do not register as a Republican, and I can empathize with those that are considered victims and I can feel their pain.  One issue with social politics that has bothered me is being able to distinguish disagreement from hate.  Just because I do not agree with you does not mean that I hate you or that I am a racist or a homophone or any other word that you can conjure up that denotes the opposition to an individual or group in a hateful and spiteful way.

I feel that there are many that are having to watch the words they used so that they will not be taken out of context and then they will be labeled a bigot.  That is why Trump was so popular and that is because he did not play that game and spoke his mind.  He was not politically correct and worried about the thought police.  People are looking for ways to get offended and attacked.  There is a huge movement for people to really accept who they are and to not be ashamed of who they are and I believe that is a great thing.  I think that it is sad that someone that identifies as gay has to shield it and keep it a secret just because they fear the mockery and judgement of others.  Our society should not function in that extreme and that is a heavy burden for anyone to feel and experience. The glorification of those that are becoming comfortable with themselves and empowering who they are is also generating some blow back.

That courage that they take to come out and stand up for what they believe in is turned to anger and resentment when someone does not share the same belief that they do.  I do not believe that homosexuality is good for our society and way of living and as a Christian that belief stems from God, but that does not make me homophobic.  I will associate and be friendly with anyone that is gay and I do not judge them for the decision that they have made, but my belief is seen as an attack and so such would be decried and my reputation would be smeared by those that are not willing to look past the surface and see where it truly is that I am coming from.  This empowerment has turned to entitlement in that it is believed that all should accept it or be damned.

That takes away from civil discourse and the shouting and the anger from the left, which has generated the term snowflake, silences anyone that opposes their viewpoint.  They will not even give ear to it.  Just ask Ben Shapiro or any other conservative personality that goes and tries to speak on these college campuses and are shunned and protested away.  That is not liberty and that is not compromise or equality.  Those very things that these “victims” are all the day clamoring for.  If there is inequality then I will fight for it, but do not shun me or skew me for believing different from you.  Your identity is not under threat from my difference in belief.

If we only could study and seek understanding then we could see where others are coming from.  Each individual has a different life experience and the events that they have gone through have forged them to the people that they are today.  To judge someone because of their identity is cowardice without knowing where they have come from.  Discourse is the code to unlocking the level of equality that is sought, but the anger and the entitlement to want to be accepted by all that is demonstrated on the left keeps that from happening.  I wish their could be civility, but they have listened to leadership for too long and feel justified in acts of violence and rage.

Baltimore and other cities have felt the force of this unjustified rage and they have not been held accountable.  They act like animals and regress to their primeval instincts and use force and aggression to try and prove a point and the only point that is made is that they are weak in their argument and cannot truly defend it with intelligence and open mindedness.  Who would want to join the side of such individuals, even the same as the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Though there is hate on the part of the left for the right, they could still learn so much from the Tea Party and how they have demonstrated their cause.  This is an open letter to the left.  If you want to be heard then discuss, if you want to enlarge your ranks then be civil, and if you want equality then do not judge.  I will do the same.